COPD the doctor said

Is what you've gone and got.

Good grief says he, that's it then,

I've had my flipping lot.

He went back home and had a weep

Then telephoned his mate.

I've given up smoking fags he said

But I've left it far too late.

Don't worry so much, it's not that bad

Is what his good mate said.

Before that problem sees you off

Old age will see you dead.

And so it was as time went by

He did as he was told.

He took the pills and huffed and puffed.

And gradually got old.

He'd realised that it wasn't that bad,

He should not have made a fuss.

Cos on his way back home one night

He was run over by a bus.

17 Replies

  • Ha ha true ,why worry xxx

  • 😂😂😂 XXX

  • You are clever Don. Xxxxx

  • Just weird Sassy xx

  • Ok if you say so Don. Xx😉

  • :D

  • How very true, great poem don xx sonia xx

  • So so very true xxxx

  • I missed off the final paragraph :-o

  • This made me laugh out loud, thank u x

  • Love it, no good worrying xxx😃

  • That was good Dom, spot on too xx

  • So true!

  • Very good.

  • Ha ha i like it any more where that came from ?

  • very good thank you xx

  • Would love to download that, but even if that were possible, I wouldn't have a clue how to do it! I smile and laugh at your poems, so talented!

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