Off at last on a trip to the UK!

Hi everyone! Wanted to share my excitement about travelling to the UK at last. Since coming out of hospital last year on 16hrs oxygen a day, I thought I'd never be able to leave Spain again to visit my family in the UK. Having been reduced to just nightly oxygen and when excercising by my specialist in October, I merrily booked a flight for over Christmas but had to cancel because of another infection which meant my doctor was not happy about me flying. (I must admit I was very scared of doing so too!). But then a month ago, when my daughter had a baby boy I was determined to stay well and get to see her.

We're booked to go by ferry this Sunday - driving up through Spain to Bilbao then 24hr overnight ferry to Porstmouth and 2 hour drive to Bath. Taking my Inogen One G2 portable with me and organised for continuous-flow oxygen to be at my daughter's house for our arrival. (Bit of a palava organising it to be reciprocally provided free on the NHS, but persevered and won in the end!)

Now all I need to do is stay infection-free! Going to my doc's on Thursday morning for her to check me out and provide me with my emergency pack of antibiotics and steroids (I wonder which AB she'll choose this time!). Will also need her to provide a 'fit to travel' note. So fingers crossed all round.

Still a bit scared as it was this trip last year that nearly wiped me out! Going to have to be very selective with social gatherings and avoid my granddaughter's 2 year birthday party I think. (Have to have our own private party with her new baby cousin!).

Never saw myself as a doting grandmother - never thought I'd live this long!!

Thanks for reading :)

Michelle x

BTW. I've got COPD (Emphysema)

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  • Hi

    Hope it all comes together. Just one point check the charger lead works in the car. I found it to be a bit hit and miss on my G3

  • Good point! Thanks

  • Hello again Stone.... a question.... why is it advisible to use fluid oxygen at night when using a concentrator during the day? Thank you

  • Hi

    I would have thought the other way round, static concentrater can be used 24/7.

    Liquid oxygen is for Ambulitory use, short duration.

  • How wonderful for you,have a brilliant time!

    Let us know,how you get on,you must be so excited,but remember to pace yourself! xx

  • I will indeed, and thanks so much for your good wishes. :) x

  • Have a safe trip, Michelle, and a wonderful time when you get here. Enjoy being with your family and be a really doting grandmother!

    Keep well on your trip and send us some pics when you get back to Spain. Good for you for going for it.

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue! Promise to post some photos on my return. :) x

  • Everything will be fine and will go well. How exciting to be seeing family and that new grandson.

    Have a good, stress free journey and an amazing time.

    Wishing you well. Xxxxxx

  • That's lovely. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. :) x

  • Have a wonderful holidayxxx😊

  • Thank you! :) x

  • How lovely going to see you grandson, take care, enjoy yourself and above all keep well. Enjoy xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your kind wishes. :) x

  • As a relatively new ( 2 years) granny, I can share your excitement and anticipation about the trip, Michelle. I suppose there's a lot of driving but the sea air will be good for you and it will be all so worth it when you get there. Have a wonderful time :)

  • Thank you! Actually I love driving in Spain. Fabulous roads and traffic jams are very rare (other than the city) ... only when everyone is trying to get to lunch!!! And, yes, the sea air will do me good - hope the weather in the Bay of Biscay will be kind to us. As you say, it will be so worth it to be able to have those cuddles. :) xx

  • Have an amazing time Michelle take it easy and enjoy your time with your family. x

  • Thank you! :) x

  • Hi Michelle I hope you get the go ahead and have a safe trip you will need a warm coat we are still having cold spells in the UK.

    Know what you mean about being a grandmother I didn't want to be one till I was 89 I have 2 granddaughters now and not reached 60 yet but wouldn't have it any other way

  • Thank you for your kind wishes. The weather here last week was baking, but then the last couple of days we've had torrential rain and its become really chilly. So I'm prepared for anything. :) xx

  • Aw hope it goes to plan for u Michelle, enjoy it and spending time with ur grand kids. Xx sonia xx

  • Thank you Sonia. :) xx

  • Sounds like a wonderful trip - all the best :)

  • Thanks Fiona! :) x

  • I wish you the best of luck with your travelling. I looked at getting to Spain with the Ferry the other night as I also wasn't allowed to fly (such an annoyance ) it was Southampton to Santander I preferred. I hope you get your travel letter to see the Wee baby.

  • Thank you! I'll keep you posted! :) x

  • Hi Michelle, I hope your doc gives you the go ahead to travel, and all is well throughout your visit to the UK. I'm a grandmother too, and know what this means to you. I'm newly diagnosed copd, stage one. Not long joined Healthunlocked. Here in the UK, the weather is ok, average 12 degrees, and that's in the North East where I live. Pack a couple of cardigans hun, as you know, I'm sure that British weather changes often. Enjoy.

  • Thank you! I'm taking lots of layers, fur coat, mac, and wellies! Ready for anything! So much easier going by car. Could even fit in the kitchen sink! ;) x

  • Hi Michelle hope all goes well and have a great time with your family. We also live in Spain and go back to the U.K. to see our granddaughter about 3 times a year. My husband has COPD and on oxygen 16 hours a day. We managed to fly back at Christmas and again for her birthday in Feb. All good as we took our portable oxygen generator with us and John had no problem flying (he didn't use oxygen on the flight). I only hope we can continue doing this. Once again have a great time and enjoy your new grandchild. Carole

  • Ooo! That's interesting! Which oxygen generator do you have? Be really interested to know. It's the continuous flow that's a problem. :) x

    PS shame these babies aren't born to order in warmer months!!

  • Hi Michelle

    Our portable generator is Life Basis and we bought it from Amazon, I believe it cost 400 pounds which is a lot cheaper than some. Hope this helps. Carole x

  • Enjoy your trip to Bath, long journey but I am sure the trip will be well worth it to see your grandchild. Safe journey and enjoy x

  • Thank you so much Katie! :) x

  • Hello Michelle.

    Yay!!!! I am so, so pleased for you. The same thing happened to me awhile back. I had to cancel my trip due to an infection.

    Many congratulations on the birth of your grandchild. I am sure you have much catching up to do and will have a marvellous time.

    I hope you will regale us with the tales of your travels. Enjoy!

    Cas xx 🐦🌻🌺🌞🌈

  • Thanks Cas, and I promise to report back on my return. :) x

  • Michelle, as a fellow copd sufferer I know how brave you are to take on the journey and I hope you enjoy yourself no end. Sometimes a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do. Best wishes.

  • You're not wrong their! Thanks for the good wishes. :) x

  • Hope all goes well and you have a wonderful trip; how exciting to be meeting your grandson for the first time xx

  • Glad your sorted I'm like you needing oxygen at night Can I get one free in Spain ?

  • Yes you can. What you need to do is listed on this website page...

    You need to go down the page a bit and then you'll find it under PRE-ARRANGED TREATMENTS.

    Good luck. Mx

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