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Thanks for replies and encouragement


Just to say thank you for all posts recieved about going out appreciated .Today been a bit of a let down again.No sleep again last night for pain under breast doped myself up had hot water bottle him indoors even put kettle on landing so he could refill it for me .He went down town to get me present for tomorrow be a bit different to the jewellery I normally get I've asked for a desk top fan and pj amass I should have been packing now to go abroad I'm so peed off and I know he is but not saying I seriously got to sort my head out along with my body I panicked when he said he was going in the bath last night so I was going to go upstairs with him but didn't he needs some space today been spent upstairs again bloody pain .IInam going to go down hopefully teatime. .I nearly asked him not to go down town but never I tried out some of your suggestions and downloaded the excercises of the BlF which will try soon oh I thought of something I want for birthday some padding for my pjamas or a rubber ring I lost that much weight my backside hurts. Thanks

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You take care and it's a new day tomorrow. It's good for your hubby too get out into town and l hope you get something you need for tomorrow.

Wishing you well. Xxxx

Time_2_drink in reply to sassy59

I know he needs some time to. Himself. And to get out of the house I just. Need to relax xxx

You're doing better than you think. Small steps, remember?

Try asking the district nurse to lend you a cushion to relieve the pressure on your sit-upon. Sue x

I will ask feel like falling apart bit by bit but hey ho xx

Hello Time_2_drink . Wishing you better days coming up. Sending love and sunshine.

Cas xx 🌞💜

Thank you cas for your kindness it means a lot to have support I send my best wishes to you xx

Hi I am worried about your weight loss. Something soft to sit on is at best a short term answer. Have you spoke to a dietitian about gaining some weight. I had a very low BMI and felt awful. Just 7 lbs made a massive difference to how I felt. I know it's not easy to eat when you are in pain and tired but good nutrition can make a massive difference to people with COPD.

Hi. It is worrying the weight I am loosing I am eating more than I was in fact I am eating in the middle of the night. Biscuits and bananas on bedside table in fact it is in middle of night that I get really hungry don't know if it has to do with lack of sleep my body clock must be a mess .My husband went to the dodtors surgery over a month ago and was told I would have to go to surgery .I couldn't because I didn't have ambulatory noxygen or a chair then .When I did get them I was in hospital with infection when I came home matron phoned doctors and she said she sorted it just found out they still need my BMi the matron coming on Wednesday so I going to ask her if she can get it sorted i have to think of something filling to eat before bedtime but being awake most of night it. Difficult I am glad you have gained some weight when I think of all the years I spent trying to loose weight and now I wish I had it it is very uncomfortable and i think makes pain s worse cause no padding

I get supplement drinks, I have 3 a day which is about a third of my Calories. OK the taste is not brilliant but they also give me half the protein I need which is important to gain weight.I hope you feel better soon.

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