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Hi to All................I'm new to the site and have severe copd

I was diagnosed about eight years ago and have been going through the slow deterioration over this timeframe. At my last check I mentioned the Lung Valve intervention and asked if the DR considered a referral for evaluation would be useful. She seemed to be annoyed that I was enquiring about this option and was not very helpful at the time.

She has since sent me a letter saying that if I wish to pursue this option she will provide a referral.

What I would appreciate is any information/recommendations for UK Hospitals that offer this procedure either on NHS or privately.


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  • Welcome Peter. cx

  • Hello Peter xx😊

  • Hi

    Click on patients

    Then click find doctor.

    Click on England.

    There is a choice of NHS or Private.

  • Many Thanks

  • Hi

    From the same drop down list look at clinical trials there appears to be several ongoing.

  • Hello and welcome Peter. We have had other members ask about or go through this procedure. If you wish to read more try here:

  • I hope you find a hospital to suit your needs and l see that stone has provided information for you.

    Good to see you on HU Peter. Xx

  • It seems, if you don't ask, you don't get, concerning any dibilitating health problems nowadays.

    Good luck Peter. xx

  • Welcome! I won't be able to add to the info Stone has provided but from my own enquiries to my GP and consultant, Ive always been told that if your emphysema damage is widespread throughout your lungs, then valves aren't appropriate. For those where the damage is contained they can be a great option so go for your referral and see what applies to you. Good luck :)

  • Hello and welcome,

    Speak to your consultant. You'll have to have had a CT scan, and you'll need a 6 minute walk test and an echocardiogram. Depending on the results of those and on your FEV1 you'll be seen at one of the centres which perform the valve insertion.

    Good luck with it! Sue x

  • Thank you again to all who have responded. I stumbled on this site while I was looking into the valve procedure. Very supportive & informative...............Peter

  • Hi Peter

    Don't know where you are based, but I'm currently on CELEB Trial at Glenfield Hospital (not shown on the above list) this is a study comparing lvrs, & valves. I'm due to have valves fitted shortly.


    Sue XxX

  • Hi

    It's on the list

    Glenfield Hospital

    Mr David Waller

    Groby Road

    LE3 9QP Leicester

    Phone: 0116 287 1471

  • Thanks Stone, Mr Waller is on the list (he's retiring this month I think), but couldn't find info for CELEB trial on there.

    Sue XxX

  • Stone, Thank you for the additional information, Glenfield Hospital would be a good option for me as I'm only 50mins drive from Leicester.

  • Hello and welcome Peter

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