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Thought I'd let you know what happened today last night Saturday was a bad one I couldn't get my breathe and was doubled up in pain under breast . I think I mentioned I was given loan of nebuliser thank god for it but it has to go back Wednesday i have asked doctor if I bought my own machine would they give me liquid but they won't and ii worried now it going back .So today after a rotten night no sleep the dreaded hot flashes I was all set for another day upstairs when my hubby was going shopping at about 1am he asked me like he does every time he goes out did I want to go I shocked him and me and said yes so off we went to tesco unfortunately the sting in the tale is I had a panic attack and we had to abandon the shopping I did try though x

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  • Well done for trying T2d. Ok, it's the first time so you had a panic attack. But try to think that it actually was a real achievement that you went at all. Maybe try something smaller and shorter next time and slowly build up. I nearly have panic attacks when I go to Tesco, and I don't even get panic attacks :D That seemed like a heavy duty thing to do first off - there must be easier things to start off with.

    Don't give up now T2d. - we're all with you and knowing you're having a hard time. Many of us have been there. Next time you go out, try some distraction techniques, like singing a favourite song to yourself in your head, or counting backwards from 900, or thinking of as many foods beginning with B, or C or whatever you choose. You get the idea. Keep your mind occupied on something other than the outing. Distraction techniques have worked for many people - they can work for you too. :)

  • I did try i think after what happened last night if I hadnt of gone I wouldnt have left house again I have been hyper since will give distraction techniques a shot thanks 😱

  • Think you have realised that getting out is vital to our well being. Sure you will feel the benefit soon. Don't do too much too soon . Good luck.

  • It's different being in house thinking about it to going and doing it isn't it but I will try again not tesco though thanks

  • Hi again Time-2-drink

    Sorry you're having a rough time and you're doc sounds like mine , not very switched on , maybe a nurse ( respiratory) nurse practitioner?

    I would be angry if something worked for me and the doc was not supportive.

    If you were tired going to Tesco it may make you feel spaced out with all their lighting and noises , wish you well and thank you for your reply to my post 2 days ago ,

  • I can't believe that the doctor would leave me without something that helps but he is .It was the people going about there normal lives and me feeling like Ii was some sort of a exhibit artificially living horrible feeling

  • Yes but you tried & panic attacks are just as real a cause of fear & pain as anything else. Can you see a respiratory nurse? Well done but maye go somewhere less noisy & crowded next time. X

  • I don't think I got one I will ask the matron on Wednesday she may know .Thank you yes it was wrong place to go hubby wanted me to go so that I could do shopping and have a bit of normality I think the shopping and cleaning and cooking getting. To him hope in time I be able to help a bit x

  • Well done for trying,must have been hard for you. I can't understand why you haven't got a nebuliser, surely they should give you one. You take care and once again well done for trying 😊 xx

  • Thanks I did give it a go wish I had been a bit stronger but I just couldn't do it. .The nebuliser situation is really stressing me I keep expecting to not be able to breathe again and I know thinking about it making it worse ,I was going to buy my own nebuliser just want the fluid of doc wish there was something else I could put in that I don't have to ask for that might help xx

  • I think you should be proud of yourself,at least you gave it a go. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • You actually did really well T2d so well done on giving it a go.

    I am puzzled as to why you can't have a nebuliser if it helped. Maybe speak to your doctor again.

    Tshe care and hope the sun is shining xxxxx

  • I puzzled to not asking for nebuliser willing to buy one just want the solution can't face going to doctors but will have to .Hope you well and nice day for you xxx

  • Hi TDT, well done on taking the first step but it sounds like a step too far, for now. How about just going for a drive in the car with your husband, no particular destination, and perhaps stop somewhere really quiet and get out for a short while ? Just to remind yourself what being outside is like and maybe motivate you even more. Big supermarkets are stressful at the best of times. I don't know where you live, but maybe a little drive to the sea or some nice little spot in the countryside would be a good start. Take my motto and keep it in your head -'I just keep on, keepin on.' Baby steps, you'll get there.

  • Good advice I will have to have a think of somewhere think the supermarket was a bit to much just yet I like your motto

  • Congratulations for trying.

  • Thanks appreciated

  • I sing in my head or count if I'm stressed (has to be in my head as I'd scare passer bys). When I started walking I used to pick an object (postbox) as a target if I felt ok I could then look for something else to walk to if I didn't feel good I could turn round and go back. It's a win win as if you go back you achieved what you set out to do and if you go on, a real sense of achievement.

    Start small, then every time you go out set yourself a little bigger target but don't go mad. You don't want to set yourself up to fail.

    Good luck you'll smash it, just be kind to yourself x

  • Like your style we could do a duet and clear the shops then I could go shopping lol I have been laying here counting. Backwards as was suggested on a post of course the phone rang. Then I watched a technique sarcoid sent me a link for and it rang again so will try again later yes baby steps x

  • I occasionally cry when I have the smallest amount of stress. It may be the result to taking continuous prescribed prednisolone steroid. The following may help your situation perhaps.

    1. Have you heard of Emotional Freedom Technique - also known as tapping. I find it useful. There is lots on the internet about it which is a bit confusing, but here is an excellent YouTube video

    2. Also, you could mention to your doctor, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. My oxygen nurse mentioned it to me first, and I was referred to the local Health Authority helpline. CBT can be done in small groups of people (which would help you get out with a purpose) or a course can be done on line. I did the on-line course over a few weeks. My health Authority use "Silvercloud". It is for people with anxiety.


    silvercloudhealth.com/what-... I suspect my local authority may have to pay to Silvercloud so it may not be available in your area; I am in South Buckinghamshire

    I hope this may help you and that you soon feel better. The Spring is coming and the sun is shining here today, so it would be good to get out in the sunshine.

  • Thanks for the video. Looks interesting I. Was in middle of watching it when phone rang .I was offered CBT or counselling have to go one at a time and on waiting list I wasn't sure which one to do but my husband wants me to do face to face counselling I agreed but am having doubts whether to change it not sure how i will cope in one to one situation in the flesh mind you how would I manage in a group who knows I am pleased the tapping is helping you .

  • I think you would find face to face counselling would be fine for you. Your counsellor will be very accustomed to talking to people who are anxious about meeting new people and getting out and about. I'm sure you would find them very understanding and sympathetic to your situation and they will help you cope. Please do give it a try. You obviously really want to change things and I think this would be a good way to start.

    You have been so brave about this. Don't doubt yourself now. You should be so proud that you have made a real effort to change things for the better and we are all rooting for you. Please continue to let us know how you are getting on.

    Jan :-)

  • Cheers I know you right it fear of the unknown and being in a completley alien situation with a stranger and not being able to leave if I want to I just wary and unsure what i will get from it but I will give it a go when appointment comes It will be the first time I been without my husband that it's self makes me vulnerable😷b

  • I do understand why that worries you, but will your husband go with you and wait for you, so that you know he's there, just outside the door? Remind yourself that there is nothing to stop you leaving if you feel you must, and therefore you can stay just a little bit longer. I'm quite sure the counsellor will understand all this and put you at your ease. Please don't be fearful of this meeting (I know - it's easy for me to say). You obviously have tremendous courage and will find the strength to do what you need to do.

    Let us know when your appointment comes so that we can all be with you in spirit and send supportive thoughts to help you through your meeting.

  • Thank. You so much for those kind words I will certainly let you know when appointment comes and would welcome supportive thoughts very much My husband will be taking me I don't drive I am sure he will wait for me I 😷

  • Great job for trying. Baby steps.

  • Thank you it's the way to go

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