Neanderthal DNA & You

Neanderthal DNA & You

After doing my DNA test i was quite surprised to find i had 2.6% Neanderthal DNA in me.

What surprised me more was health implications.

But i don't have to worry much as most in west have average of 2 - 3 % Neanderthal DNA in them.

Its not all bad news as this few funny stories on how we got here today.

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  • interesting and amusing thank you xx

  • Hi Jeff--I just did the ancestory thing on haven't gotten results yet--I don't think mine does the neandrathal thing--Just a pie chart with what pecentages of my DNA come from different parts of the world--Im sooo excited--MmeT

  • Hi i got mine with 23andMe dna teat .. Is all very interesting AND makes me ask more questions like if neandrathal are prone to heart disease strokes given dna why they always try to blame lifestyle even tho clearly would play apart but is not full picture they paint.

  • very anxious to get mine--MmeT

  • I was told by family one of our ancestors was scotish pirate that i douted.

    But given my DNA test and dna relatives is plausable.

    Must of been the neandrathal as the defo got about.

  • morning jeff--well,lmorning here

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