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IV for Haemophilius Influenza

I have Bronchiectasis (20 years), and am colonised with haemophilius influenza, and get

one chest infection after another - sensitive to amoxicillin/doxycycline.

I went to see my consultant at the Royal Brompton, and told him I get a lot of infections.

He wants to admit me for 7-10 days IV injections; I suppose to get rid of it forever.

I'm sceptical that it's only temporary, and will be back in my lungs, eventually again when

I get a cold. I'm also worried that when/if I get an infection, oral medication won't work; and I'm stuck with IVs.

Have any of you had an IV for HI, and indeed, it clobbered it on the head forever?

Also do you know anything about a vaccine for HI? How do you get it?

Thanks a lot


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Hi I would seriously think about those injections. Let us know how you are😊 xxx Bernadette


Hi, several years ago now, following pneumonia i repeatedly grew Haemophilius Influenza in my sputum culture when suffering from chest infections. I was referred to an immunologist at the time and ended up having a course of two vaccinations against it and it has not recurred since ( approx 9 years ago). I do have several other problems now instead though!!

Hope this helps x


Hi Northern-Soul

Thank you soo much for your reply.

Do you recommend I have this vaccination, if offered?

Are you glad you had it and what, may I ask, were the other

problems it caused you?

Thanks a lot



Hi Momiji,

I am definitely glad that I had this vaccine as I have not had any further recurrence of this particular infection, however since then I have had Aspergillus cultured a few times. The vaccine did not cause me any problems whatsoever.

I believe that I was only offered the vaccine at the time as I was under the care of an immunologist being investigated for persistent, recurring oral thrush. I was eventually diagnosed with severe asthma with fungal sensitisation (in which Aspergillus plays a large part).

Good luck,

N.S. x


Hi I have Bronchiectasis Asthma and keep getting chest infections of various types , I have been into the Royal Brompton hospital in London for IV antibiotics for 15 days, also been in and out of my local hospital for IV antibiotics, each time I have been in for at least 15 days I seem to spend half my time either in hospital or at hospital for tests. I still keep getting my infections, they haven't been able to get rid of my infections ad yet. So keep my fingers crossed for you that they can get rid of your infection. John


Sorry I can not help but find myself in the same position. My GP. just keeps giving me antibiotics and steroids. Nine in the past year. My consultant has been undecided what to do so did nothing. I feel that I am being left open to more lung damage. I am now worn out.


Hi Cx500

Thank you soo much for your reply.

May I ask what you are colonised with that you were in the RB for 15 days

of IV for?

When you got another infection again, did you have to have IV from then on

or was oral medicine OK?

So far, I haven't become resistant to any oral antibiotics yet.

Do you really think, that if a bacterium has been living in your lungs

for 20 years, it's that easy to get rid of?

From your experience, it looks like it's a waste of time.

Thanks a lot



Momiji hi I keep having oral antibiotics but when I'm getting no better they take me in and do IV antibiotics, my trouble is I keep getting different infections so they struggle to get me clear of infections I can't remember what the infection was that time. They have sent bloods of to Addenbrooks to test my immune system they think the problem might lay there and my immune system isn't fighting infections. I am just doing what they say and letting them do there stuff. I havn' t been able to work for two years. If you are poorly I would let them do the IV antibiotics to try and get better, but for me it just suppresses it and allows me to feel good for about two to four weeks then I'm back on oral antibiotics then normally land up on IV either at my local hospital or the RB. Hope this helps and you feel better soon. John

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I picked up an H I bug a couple of years ago and was put on IV antibiotics twice a day for 10 days, whilst I was in hospital. My treatment seems to have done the trick.

If a consultant says that is the way forward, why would you not take his advice?



I would like to thank all you kind members for your experiences and advice on

my "IV for Haemophilus Influenza" thread. I very much appreciate it all.

I'm thinking of going ahead, and spending two boring weeks in the RB hospital

trying to get rid of something that will be right back in my lungs when the next

cold comes along.


It's depressing isn't it? but we have to keep going, I find that we often get periods when even though we have the 'bug' when we get tested , we get a period when its there but not active, and we don't have an active infection that needs extra treatment. Then we catch a cold or something and that sparks it all off again. In my case its pseudomonas, which according to sputum tests is active in my lungs at the moment, but I am not having an active infection that needs oral AB's or IV's . Good luck with the HI hope the IV's clear it up for you

Love Sohara


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