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hi all, I need someone to share my anxieties with, a shoulder to lean on if that's ok.Diagnosed with copd afew years ago , I go through the usual chest infections each winter but never needed hospital. This time the antibiotics aren't working nor the steroids and I feel weaker and more ill than ever. My GP is puzzled because my blood oxygen is 99 percent and blood tests all clear. I have had scans heart tests and numerous x rays nothing ever shows. I can't do a thing without starting to choke and cough. Anyone else had symptoms like these?

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  • Hello it's nice to meet you. We are always here to listen,no one is ever any trouble. You are in the best place, give the meds time. You will be fine so try not to worry. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are. 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Sometimes we need more than one course of antibiotics and sometimes a different one to our usual. Have you had a sputum test? This can allow the GP to identify the particular bug causing the problem and so target it better.

  • Thanks for replying. I have had sputum tests , one even showed e-coli which raised everyones eyebrows. All tests clear now and I have been on many different antibiotics. I am seeing new GP now who admits my condition is baffling. All the tests come back clear yet I am getting more and more ill. HELP.

  • I hope you get a result soon.

  • Welcome and l hope you get all the help you need. My hubby Pete has good sats even with a chest infection. He takes a maintenance dose of Azithromycin three times a week to help prevent infection. Pete has sarcoidosis and COPD.

    Speak to your GP if you don't feel better soon. Take care xxxxx

  • Get this infection sorted and ask your GP to refer you to a PR course you will gain so much they give you the tools you need to manage this cruel illness. It covers everything from infections to panic attacks and loads more

  • Hello rebrab,

    You need to see a good respiratory specialist, I think. Perhaps be a bit more aggressive in telling them that you NEED help, NOW!

    Hope you get some proper help soon.


  • Have you seen an Immunologist? You have have an immune system issue. I was refered several years ago. I now have outpatient infusion therapy every 4 weeks.


  • Beth 1949 -what do they infuse -I suppose it is something to boost your immune system?

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