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Study Provides Model for Developing an Effective Human RSV Vaccine

RSV causes the majority of respiratory disease in cattle, resulting in significant economic costs to the industry. In humans, RSV can cause serious bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young children, the elderly, and children and adults with compromised immune systems. RSV infections are estimated to cause more than 250,000 human deaths annually around the world. There is no licensed vaccine to prevent RSV infection in humans, and vaccines currently in use for cattle have noted safety and effectiveness problems.

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Hi 2greys. I had RSV in December followed by double pneumonia. The specialists didn`t mention all those who were susceptible to it just kept saying that it was unusual for me to have it as it was normally seen in young children. Roll on a vaccine ! Sheila


A vaccine would certainly be better than a cure, you were lucky, it could have ended up much differently.

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