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The Brompton hospital


Well after getting on Monday day and being told it was going good to be 21 days I can go home next Friday, I have done all they have asked of me and more gone to the gym only done 10 minutes ontreadmill at slow pace but for me that is something and weights on my bad leg to get it stronger ,the staff have been wonderful from the cleaners to the nurses, Dr's, everyone they are fabulous, and if you do as they ask they will treat you well so please ppl if you go into hospital I know it's not nice but behave ,polite and remember they are doing the best they can for you on rubbish wages so think on

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Morning Lovebear. Very good advice indeed, and so pleased that you've had such a positive experience. I hope that Friday comes around quickly for you.

Take care. Pam XXX

Thank you pam,I cannot wait but it had to be done as I had been so poorly ,hope your keeping well best wishes val x

Thank you for posting your thoughts on your hospital experience.....thinking of you over the next week , and I am glad you are doing well

Best wishes

How great that things are going well for you Lovebear. Brompton is a good hospital as are so many others. You are right we do need to remember to be polite and considerate. It means such a lot.

Take care xxxxxx


You are so right. Hospital can only do so much and the rest is down to 'self-help'. If more people were like you there wouldn't be a bed shortage.


You have hit it right on the nail poor wages for what staff at the hospitals put up with

That's a good post, Lovebear, and good advice on how to behave when we're in hospital. It's teamwork, isn't it? We need to do our best to help ourselves, and a smile and a thank you helps those caring for us. I do hope your last week benefits you and that you go home feeling better! Sue xxx


Morning Lovebear, I think that is great advice, they all work so hard and long hours. The least we can do is treat them with😊

Great hospital have been many times. Staff are wonderful.

Good to know on Brompton I am going up there for a week in Spring, Summer 2018..thanks for the positive input . Much appreciated ..and i agree we have brilliant staff working in the NHS..they are most likely up there with the best of them globally. We loose sight of this fact to much, I am grateful for the service we receive here, listening to others I run a support group for AATD sufferers in UK but I have a lot of USA patients on there and Europeans ..the story's are outrageous , it is not what its cracked to be ..its all money, money and if they don't have enough they re literally left to die! We should all be bloody grateful here.

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