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I decided once again to try harder ? Had last low dose sleep tablet of doc last night managed 4 hours whoopee .Looked at old posts on site and info they had given for doctor doom internet scared he'll out of myself .Decided right if I staying upstairs try to get rid of some clothes won't be needing drawers chocker block proceeded to knock ambultory oxygen flying and get out of puff so 15 minutes later only Half a bag done and more mess than when I started is it because I still have infection or always like this when I read posts I always marvel at things some people do thanks

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  • Could still be a bit of infection hanging on T2D so take it steady. Small steps. Xxxx

  • I still on the antibiotics and coughing up dirty green gunk so infection still there 3 Doxycillin left xxx

  • Hi Time -to-drink

    I too have 3 x doxycycline left and still tight chested , had amoxicillin for a week plus steroids but doc said I didn't need any more steroids , I don't think this doctor is 'on it' and keep wondering if I should go to hospital instead ,

    Hope these meds work for you

  • Hi Dianna It's difficult to know what to do isn't it feels like it's left to God and providence like my mam used to say .I came out of hospital about 10 days ago I think with antibiotics then was without for a few days till matron came to do follow up visit like you more antibiotics .still got a wheeze and thick phlegm matron coming Wednesday think it her last visit she will be taking nebulisar back .I sure neb is helping but doctor won't prescribe the fluids they finish on Monday and it will be back to struggling for breathe without relief .I don't know what to say about hospital maybe wait until Last tablet unless you feel really ill I know sitting for hours in A@e not good

  • Me again hope things a bit easier with your chest I was thinking about what you said about hospital .The information says go to hospital if can't see gp ring here ring there blah blah .When you do half the time you get fobbed off wish there was a easy answer

  • Little steps at a time. Day 1 - Bin bag at the ready sort out one draw, have the rest of the day off. Day 2 sort out the next draw and so on. The same with the kitchen, the sideboard, draws or storage in any room. The big things like wardrobes, cupboards under the stairs get hubby to help. I know it seems a bit long winded but in the end once you have gone slowly through the house, have a week off and start again, things will be a lot easier each time you complete a circuit.

    Never think you have failed if you can't finish a task, it just means it will take two days to clear one draw.


  • Will take your advice sue as for the wardrobes will take 6 months I have been a hoarder and couldn't bare to throw things away but they no good to me now just so hard knowing will never wear them again weight loss and change of circumstances whole house needs decluttering xx

  • With me it was trying to get my head around the fact I was no longer a size 6/8 petite but now size 16 as I'm on maintenance steriod's now. So now the small sized clothes have gone but its my craft goodies will be the hardest to cull, I'm afraid the big girl knickers are going to have a few extra tugs ups to get me moving.


  • I've gone the other way was a 10/12 now probably a 6 sucks doesn't it The local charity shop will be happy anyway xx

  • Reading your posting I got to the bit where you said "won't be needing drawers" and got a sudden coughing fit! :-o

  • Keep legs crossed 😂😂

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