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hi every one , I spoke to you asking for advice about when to take my emergency pack as I had a cough & was not sure if it was a cold coming or not , thank goodness I followed your advice & started taking it , tho I should of done it straight away , I am having a terrible time ,been to doctors got to go back in 7 days when pack has gone , I think this has brought home to me what copd means & it has frightened me & I'm so grateful I can sit here & write to you all the people who understand I think last night was the worse I feel weepy so tired , the rattleing that was going on in my chest I know I have got to man up & learn to deal with ,, I'm hoping as I get more used to this illness I will deal with it better I feel weepy , & I could sleep for England , don't know how long it takes for it all to kick in , I'm up right in chair tonight , thank you for letting me tell you my fears , xx

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  • Hope everything kicks in very soon and you start to feel better. It can take a few days or so for meds to work but hang on in there. Xxxxx

  • Hope you feel better soon, give the meds time to work please post and let us know how you are. 😊 xxx

  • hello to you kind people who replied to my letter you ask me to let you know how I'm doing ,well I'm on day 4 of steroids & day 3 of antibiotics , I did managed to catch a couple hours sleep last night , but the damn cough , my side hurts so much with all the coughing ,,but it seems to ease down in day , can coughing be more of a problem than breathing , at the moment , ,I hope that's how it can go ,thank you , xx

  • It is good that you have come and chatted to us, I am a bronchiectasis person with asthma. I have had numerous chest infections over the last 5 years, and am recovering from the latest, the second since Christmas. I am on a recovery pack of amoxiclav. I am now resigning myself to be on antibs permanently. I am of very advanced years and every day is a bonus so wont complain.

    I have been very upset about my health in the past, but now just get on with it. I can understand how you feel completely. I think to sleep is the answer, and plenty of fluids. And, of course, talk to us xxx

  • thank you so much ,xx

  • Hope you feel better soon xxx

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