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Am I paranoid. General consensus is yes .Stayed in bed yesterday with the infection without the sleep lol Also because thought of coming up and down to loo on water tablets fills me with dread any way went down at 5 had first reasonable evening since on oxygen .Did trip to loo. Careful what I drunk by 10 needed toilet so made way to bed heart rate was 132 stayed like that for 90 minutes blood pressure 155/85 this morning 4.10 heart rate 126 in bed .Hubby took my blood pressure at 8 it was 154 /86 So rang community matron who said I taking my readings to regular .The doctor is aware of my readings from when district nurses monitored me .He wants blood tests in April I am really worried I am retaining again although when I was in hospital last week nothing was said One reason I say this is because my sats go up to 98 sometimes and I know I need to keep between 88-92 this morning where 98 I went to the toilet and they dropped to 84 matron said keep the oxygen of till you feel breathless I'm at a loss what to think she coming out to see me next Wednesday She

Said you would know if you where retaining I didn't before. Ramble over xx

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I don't know what to advise but try and do what you can when you can. Take care xxxxx

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Thank you xx


You certainly are NOT paranoid Time_2_drink. Don't ever doubt yourself. It's your body and you know best. I can completely understand your concerns over c02 retention as I had similar concerns over my mother. Your anxiety is completely justified and I just wanted to say I sympathise.

Sometimes we feel as though we are not being listened to, and I would like to encourage you and your husband to always speak up if you feel ignored. You deserve to be heard, and I feel very passionately about that. Medics only see you infrequently, and make judgements based on that. Your husband I'm sure knows you best and can tell when something isn't right. My father knew my mother best and could always tell when she was heading for a flare up, or more recently retaining. It's all very well for matron to say 'you will know if you're retaining', but it's not always that simple.

I'm sure you're just looking for some reassurance, and you certainly deserve that.


Ethanol you I feel I am swimming against the tide I had a follow up call on Monday from CoPD nurse unfortunately I had to tell her I was waiting for phone call from Doctor about prescription she said she would call me Tuesday never did .Today I phoned hospital hoping to speak to her took 3 attempts to be connected to someone not sure who I explained my concerns she just said natural to have high bp and heart rate with CopD and said oxygen nurse would do blood gasses next time I see her .It would have been next Thursday but now she won't come because I still got infection .Thanks for reading my rant I flaming fed up to the back teeth I am typing this whist kneeling on bedroom floor over bed with sweats and rib pain Hubby hone shopping so staying upstairs till he gets in and hopefully be a bit brighter then once again thanks xx


Take care Time_2_drink, and don't worry about rambling we are hear to listen OK. Infections do upset the balance on your figures. But only you can really know if your illness is worse ect by how you feel. Water tablets work very well once they get into your system but can cause a few minor side effects as we all know. Yes blood pressure readings only need to be done on a regular daily basis as they fluctuate according to your activity, so the Matron is probably right. Hope all gets sorted next week, relax or your stats will go up.


Thank you my blood pressure high resting which is all I have done since December feel a failure I want to be able to do something Sleep being priority but the constant sweats are ringing me out emotionally and physically coupled with the rib pain .I want to do better and thought I would be given some Meds for blood pressure which could help with sweating and help towards sleep but no body listening I will be so upset if I am retaining again because I have been brushed off time and time again maybe I am just not worth bothering about


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