So fed up😢

Hi all.

As you will know I started my pr course 2 weeks ago,loved every minute of it.

I attended on Tuesday of this week,did the obligatory warm up,then proceeded to go onto the main exercises.

I did the wall lifts at 80 in 2 mins,which I was quite happy with.

Upon getting home my left hand was showing signs of what I thought was the old arthritis playing up,so strapped it up in the hope the pain would subside.

It did,for a while.

At approx 10.45 that night the pain kicked in with a vengeance and continued all night long😩

My other half took me to the poly clinic yesterday morning,where we had a wait of 2.5 hours,which when you are in pain seems like an eternity.

I was given 4 X-rays.

Then told I am to finish attending pr as I had broken my wrist!!!

I am still in shock.And plaster up to my elbow😢

I do suffer with osteoporosis but never thought this could happen so easily.

Anyway,no more pr for me.and I was so enjoying it.

Love Dawn x


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21 Replies

  • Oh Dawn! What a shame and such a shock for you. Pete also has osteoporosis in his spine and hips and l keep an eye on him as l would hate him to fall.

    I do wish you well and wonder if you can do more gentle exercise. It's good to do something so good luck to you. Xxxx

  • Hi Dawn. How devastating for you..I'm so sorry. Couldn't the PR team do a programme for you, working around your osteoporosis? It might be worth asking so that you've got something to look forward to once your wrist heals.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Hi Pam.

    They probably could,but as we are in the process of moving out of the county,I doubt they will.

    Thank you.


  • I don't blame you for being fed up Dawn. What an unfortunate end to your PR sessions!

    I agree with Sassy and Pam - perhaps you could speak to the physios to ask about more suitable exercises for you when you feel ready.

    Best wishes, Annie

  • How upsetting for you when you enjoying it and doing so well xx

  • What a shame Dawn, hope your wrist heals soon. I was supposed to go pr a few weeks ago but ended up with pneumonia so I'm having to wait. I also suffer from osteoporosis it's surprisingly easy to break a bone. Hope you ok soon,please let us know how you are please😊 Bernadette xx

  • Thank you Bernadette.

    Glad you are over the dreadful pneumonia 😊

    Do you take meds for your osteo? I was advised to take the once a week tablet a couple of years ago,but when I read up on it,it put me right off.

    Now after doing this I've been put back on them and strongly advised to take them.


  • Hi Dawn, yes I take alendronic acid once a week which I hate, and two vitamin d tablets daily. I have finally gotten over my pneumonia, but its left me more breathless than before. My community matron said it will take just as long to get my breathing back to what it was, as it took to get rid of the pneumonia 😊 xxx

  • May I ask,why you hate it.?


  • I keep forgetting to take on the right day and have to remember not to eat anything and only drink water for at least thirty minutes afterwards. But at least it's helping me and that's the main thing 😊 xcc

  • Haha.that would be my problem too.

    I'm going to try tomorrow morning though.


  • Let me know how it goes😃 xx

  • That's so not fair, Dawn You were really putting everything into it and loving it and the osteoporosis sneaks up behind you. I should think 'fed up' is an understatement and no wonder it hurt.

    If you're moving out of the area it might still be worth going along to see if they could help you with an at-home exercise plan.It's hard when you know how much it can help and something stops you doing it. Sue xxx

  • Oh dear that's awful Dawn, commiserations. I hope you can still go but not do the arm exercises? I had to leave them out due to frozen shoulder one side & tennis elbow the other. The physios were very accommodating .

    They'll keep your place for you won't they? A lesson for them, 80 U.S. A bit much for the beginning 😢

    Edit: can you get the BLF DVD, to do at home & just do the non arm exercises, I do as I get problems in the arm/neck/shoulder areas. I'm trying to stay osteopenic & not get osteoporosis . I do sympathise, broken many bones in the past. X

  • Not good, not good at all. I can hear your great disappointment x

  • What bad luck Dawn. But is it really a reason to stop going to PR? I go to a post-course weekly PR maintenance session and have had various painful things including a shoulder injury which meant I couldn't do any of the weights exercises for about two months. I just did more of the aerobic ones and in fact my fitness improved. See if there's a compromise you can come to - it would be a shame to start PR and then not to continue. Take care :)

  • That's given me something to think about.

    Although I did contact them yesterday to inform them,and they said I would be taken off.

    I may ring them again today.

    See if there is a compromise.

    Thank you.


  • You're welcome Dawn. Good luck

  • I'm going back.xx

  • HURRAY!!!! :)

  • How disappointed you must be, hope your hand soon recovers and you get back on track again hope you have a speedy recovery. 💐

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