The silence is deafening........... Vashti (Sue) was the guiding light and met us all here ,so let's make her memory and ideals, the foundation of who we are and how we conduct ourselves as we all deal with our own health issues Rest in peace have earned it. Burraboy

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  • R I P vashti x

  • A beautiful post Burraboy. Thank you...🍀

  • Beautiful words & a fitting tribute Burraboy. I could not agree with you more.

  • Thanks Penelope...sometimes the words ring I hope they do

  • I agree, a wonderful lady & brave example for us all.

  • Your words ring truth Scorpiolass, Sue will be sorely missed but never forgotten

  • Fitting words for a remarkable lady.

    RIP Sue (Vashti)

  • Thanks John there will be many a tear shed today. Sue was the brightest light..very large shoes to fill, if anyone would dare!!

    Hope you and wifey are well and enjoying the goodies in the glass house


  • It's so sad we all loved her xx

  • Thanks Newlands...a special in a special place

  • We can all take something from Sue's graciousness and generosity of spirit during her final illness. I'm sure everyone on the site will wish her family well and thank Sue for brightening our days, She will be sorely missed.


  • Well said Shelagh

  • Lovely lady, sadly missed.

    Thank you for those lovely words Will. Xxx

  • Thanks Sassy a sad time for us all who knew her albeit via a keyboard

  • What a very fitting tribute to a very special Lady xxx

  • She deserved it Bernadette

  • Beautiful words for a lady so sadly missed RIP in peace Suexx

  • Thank you Burra boy, I know now why I couldn't contact her.

    I feel so much guilt.

    I hope her final days were as peaceful as they could be, I hate the thought of her struggling. .....and she will never see the spring.

    Peace to our Hedgewitch ......she will be one with everything and everyone she loved now.

    Her memory will live on.

  • Thanks Knitter At least Sue had her family with her...still sad to see someone so vibrant go thru the door, albeit she is only in the next room

  • Knitter Please do not feel any guilt...I am sure that when the illness became a real concern Sue was in a safe place surrounded by family, while we were left wondering what had happened...Sadly now we know.

  • Feel guilty that I didn't try hard enough to contact her after she left the site....just thought I will try again tomorrow.....too late.

    I feel I have lost a good friend.

    She is now free.

  • Guilt? Or regret? You were a good friend to Vashti - that's all she needed - she gave of her spirit, so much to all of us. Don't feel you did anything wrong - I can hear her saying to you 'oh what the heck!'


  • No guilt knitter . Just love, joy, peace, laughter and warm memories. xx

  • Thanks Cas, I still can't get over the fact that I could have done more.

  • R I P vashti

  • Beautifully said Burraboy ... RIP Sue xxx

  • Thank you jolyn I feel like the brightest has faded

  • A fitting tribute for a special lady who will be sorely missed x

  • Thanks Jaynair Missed but not forgotten

  • Peace Sister.

  • Lovely words Will, for a very unique lady. She gave so much to so many.

    May you rest in peace Sue. 🌹🌹🌹

  • Amen

  • Thank you Burraboy. Thank you for what you've said. Sue x

  • Thanks Sue

  • We love you Sue. See you. xx

  • Eternal Peace Sue xx

  • Thank you Will xx Rest in peace Sue x

  • I am sure Sue is now breathing easy Clematis. Still a terrible time for the family and all who knew and respected the lady

  • Thoughtful post Burraboy for a very special lady, thank you. Xx

  • Thank you Sheilab

  • So sorry to hear this news.

  • Vale Vashti again, Will. A lovely tribute to Sue, whose glorious stories still echo so beautifully...

  • well said will. rip vashti

  • Thanks Tam...a Lovely soul

  • Hi Aberdeenman, I too was shocked to hear about Vashti as I hadn't been here for a while.

    May she RIP and may " himself" find strength to go on and look after the animals. Life is so short really.


  • Rest In Peace dear vashti ,Rest In Peace. xxx

  • Thank you Burraboy. There will be many tears shed on this Earth for you Vashti. We will all miss you so and send all our love to Himself and all who loved you, both human and animal.

    We have been very privileged to have shared a little of your life and thoughts through this forum. You brought such joy to so many of us. May you rest in peace.

    Love Annie. x

  • Thanks Annie...Sue will be missed by all who knew her. Will

  • lovey words for a lovely lady will , RIP sue

  • Thanks Mate

  • I just hope and pray that she knew how much she was loved and admired by her HU family before she died.

    That she was at peace and ease in her heart.

  • What lovely tribute Will, and some very wise words about how we all conduct ourselves, perhaps we need to look inside and seek out some of Vashti's humanity and understanding.

    Sleepy tight Sue xxx

  • Such very sad news I looked forward to her posts such a great way with words, sometimes I could feel I were in Ireland with her.

  • Just close your eyes JoJo and you can the dream


  • Thank you Burraboy. A fitting tribute to an exceptional human being; I feel privileged to have known her and words cannot express the sense of loss that I and so many others are feeling today.

  • Thank you Dragon mum....we are all standing together..remembering our friend.


  • Farewell Vashti, we will miss you so. But come a summers evening just as the sun sets and the dew begins to lay you might hear a tinkling giggle and a stirring of the grasses and blossoms as Vashti and her fearie friends will flit past playing their playfull games. Or on a winters night remember her telling us of how she used to make a comfy nest on her sofa to settle down for the night.

    Rest in peace, dear friend.



  • Another lovely post that sums Vashti up for me, thank u for this bayleyray ,it's lovely xx

  • Thank you Will for such a lovely tribute. I don't mind admitting I have shed a good few tears ,the struggle with this terrible illness is over for her and she is free and at peace. ❤🙏xxx

  • Hope you received my reply Huff Burraboy

  • Rest peacefully Vashti.

  • I have been on this site now for some time I exchanged pm's with vashti and have a few favourite stories she told.

    She is a inspiration to us all this post and Christian's post speaks volumes to how popular Vashti was she will be sadly missed by us all but never forgotten x

  • Thank you for your reply...Do you think it might be the time to post one or two of them...after all there are many "newbies" who may have missed Sue's writings


  • or the new people who have missed the story's Vashti told have missed out on so much.

    Do we put up a questionnaire asking members for her favourite story's it would be nice for her family to read them and share our joy that Vashti gave us through her story's

  • Great thought..How about posting a questionaire. I am sure there are many, judging by the replies to both posts, who would be interested.

    Maybe in some small way it will ensure that Sue's light does burn bright in our memories

    Thank you for a "top notch" idea


  • I have a collection of her stories.

  • I would love to have a copy of those AS

    It's difficult to access them on the forum particularly now her account is shown as hidden


  • Beautiful words R I P.

  • Thank you Will - she really was a magical lady who is irreplaceable - RIP Sue x

  • Thank you Sue

  • Wonderful lady and may the light she brought into all our lives forever continue.Shine on Sue xxx

  • Missing our lovely Vashti/Sue so much. I hope she was met by all her pets and people she loves.

  • The power of social media is immense. can affect us in so many ways.

  • A lovely tribute to Vashti Burraboy, couldn't stop thinking about her yesterday, it's like losing a member of your family, the response to her death is incredible and so well deserved. She will live in our hearts for ever, so so sad , Bulpit

  • Thank you Syble..From the responses to both Christine's and my posts it is evident how Sue's death has affected many Will

  • What beautiful words, and a fitting tribute to a kind and thoughtful woman who touched us all.


  • Thanks Helen and Katie... One only has to look at the replies to both posts for Sue, to understand how she influenced the members and her caring attitude to those in need.

    I am very concerned for 2 other members whom I have not been able to reach for some months...even had HU try to reach them

    Montymillie aka Martine and Melissa Haas (Sth Africa). Both very ill when last contact was made.

  • What a fitting tribute to Vashti, rest in peace our beautiful freind x

  • I haven't commented because I just don't have the words to express how I feel at Vashti's passing. sleep easy Sue.

  • When did this all happen? I am shocked to see this :(

  • We were notified yesterday.A shock to us all. Much sadness here today.


  • She left us on International Womens Day , March 8th, Offcut, after years of bearing this horrible condition with massive fortitude and the irrepressible spirit that could even find the funny side of trailing oxygen pipes everywhere! She was a total one-off and will never be forgotten by those of us who, even though we never met in the flesh, so to speak, knew and loved her so much through her writing. We were so lucky to have been privileged to share in just a part of her life - she can never be replaced. I can understand your feeling of shock but please take comfort from the fact that she passed peacefully and without pain, surrounded by the family she loved, and who loved and cherished her. If we all feel her loss so deeply they must be devastated, and our hearts go out to "Himself", Teresa and Reuben and all whose lives she touched.

  • I will miss her fantastic scribes for sure.

  • Absolutely true. I still cant believe that she has left this world. A beautiful soul and so very wise. Sue, you will always be remembered with fondness.'what will remain of us is love.'

  • Thank you Burraboy, A pain made a little easier to bear reading these comments

  • Thanks Bren Sue will be missed by all of us....A Lady


  • May the roads rise up to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.

    May the sun shine warm upon your face;

    the rains fall soft upon your fields.

    And until we meet again,

    may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    (Traditional Gaelic Blessing)

  • Brilliant post R.I.P. Vashti

  • With all the St Patrick Day celebrations this weekend, I am sure Sue is joining in up there, with all the wee folk!

    Thank you Will.

    X A-J 🌻

  • What an amazing person she was! So many of us from around the world have this special feeling of connecting with someone we have never seen or touched or heard her voice except, her written words!! She became our best friend that after reading her post, you felt you had sat at her table in her kitchen in her tiny cottage and had a cupa tea. You walked the paths through the Irish meadows passed the abandoned cottages as she Explained the hardships. She could make you forget for a while your limitations and laugh at them. I feel so blessed to have found this forum long enough ago that I could know her.

    But right now I am missing her more than I can explain.

    Peace be with You !


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