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Asthma, pneumonia, emphysema

my Dad aged 62, long term Asthma sufferer, and life smoker although quit 2 years ago, just had asthma attack, plus pneumonia & found out he had emphysema.

Still in hospital after a week as oxygen levels still very low, struggles to breath without the oxygen.

Can't walk, as had complications with hip replacement back in September on meds for this.

Just want to know basically what his chances are with all of this??

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Hi Cassandra, your dear dad has a lot to put up with at the moment but with help he can improve. He is being looked after in hospital so hopefully he will start to pick up gradually.

Try and stay strong and do let us know how things go. Take care xxxx


Hi, Cassandra. My previous husband Bob was in the same situation as your Dad in 1995, in hospital with a serious infection and didn't expect to come out of it. But he did, and lived until 2003, when he died of heart failure. But Bob continued smoking, whereas your Dad has given up, which will help him recover a lot quicker. The hospital will give you Dad the best of care and put together a treatment package that will help him feel better. Just remember, pneumonia takes a long time to get over, so try not to expect too much of him too soon. All the best, M.


Hi Cassandra, sorry your dad is not to well at the moment, but at least he is in the best place to get better. You stay strong and positive and please post and let us know how your dad and yourself are doing. There is always someone here to chat to. Take care 😊 Bernadette xx

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Hi Cassandra. Your dad has a lot to deal with at the moment , and getting over pneumonia can be a lengthy process. Time, and the correct care package, will make a big difference.

Best wishes to you both. XXX

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Please stay positive, your dad is in the best place for now. I was in a similar position and after 10 days came home a lot better. You may find they recommend he continues with oxygen at home (as I do) or he may well not need it but I am sure he will improve. Keep us informed we all wish you both well.

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I don't know for your Dad but I have had asthma all my life and more recently diagnosed with mild emphysema. I suspect the pneumonia has knocked him for six at the moment and he needs to be able to spend time recovering from that. But despite my condition (which includes two cancers last year) I am expecting to live a long time yet. What has helped me is walking regularly and so getting a bit fitter. Your Dad has a double whammy of pneumonia and still recovering from his hip replacement. I would hope by the summer he will be feeling up to more. I am five years older than he is. I hope that helps and I wish him well.


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