Hi just an update on mum after talking to

Mums oxygen nurses it has been decided to take mums home oxygen away it causes her distress every time I ask her to wear it as she has been refusing it all the time due to mum not understanding the seriousness of her condition.I asked the oxygen nurse to be truthful with me on what the consequences would be with mums low oxygen levels and when you hear it straight from the horses mouth it's like being smacked in the face with a wet cloth mum is suffering from hypoxia now her heart rate goes up in the 100s on excursion and very breathless so every moment is precious with mum now her appetite has reduced and she has no quality of life she is asleep most of the day but I still keep making her laugh and we still smile them moments are precious to me and I will always remember them thanks for listening xxxxx

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  • It's nice that u hAve let us know about your mum I was wondering how she was doing

  • Sad news. Previously you were caught between a rock and a hard place. Now you will have to be her rock and not show your fears as you make her waking hours happy ones.

  • Good to hear from you Chezzy and it's nicer for your mum to feel more peaceful. You can still enjoy special times with her and make her smile. How wonderful.

    Hope you are keeping as well as you can. Please stay in touch and thinking of you. Xxxxx

  • Take each day as it comes, it's very hard for you I know but enjoy your time with her. Take care and we're here if you want to talk. xx

  • Thankyou for letting us know about your mam, remember your memories will last forever and yes every moment will be precious to you all. Thinking of you all, and please remember you can always post and someone will answer. Take care 😐 Bernadette xx

  • Hi Chezzy

    You really are being very strong and in control which is good for you and of course for your mum

    A big thank you for keeping us posted ..we are Her friends and yours and will be wishing her

    Everything that could help

    Thinking of you


  • It is very sad for you to know there's no turning back now Chezzy, but I think the decision is the right one for your mum. She was so distressed by having to wear the oxygen, so I'm sure she is happier in herself now and you don't have the extra worry of feeling you should be persuading her to put it on.

    It is lovely that you can still make her laugh, so treasure those smiles and enjoy as many of these moments with her for as long as you can. She is so lucky to have you caring for her.

    Please take care of yourself too, and keep letting us know how you are getting on. There's always someone here to talk to.

    Jan x

  • Thankyou everyone xxxx

  • And now you can enjoy your time with her instead of fighting her. xx

  • That seems like the right decision for your mum, Chezzy, she'll be less agitated & you won't have to witness her distress, which is so upsetting for you too. The most important thing for her is that she has you.

  • For what it's worth I think it's a wonderful thing that you go with what your mum wants. It's hard for you but you ARE doing the right thing. You show so much love xpiggix

  • Goodness me Chezzyy66, I can empathise with you so so much. I've been where you are and I know exactly what you're going through. There's nothing I can really say to comfort you other than knowing I'm sharing in your angst and will be thinking of you. Just reassure your mother as best you can. She will need you to be strong for her now.

    I had to respect my mum's journey, and let her make the ultimate decisions. My mum couldn't tolerate nebulisers at all in the end, and it was cruel to make her endure them. Spend all the time you can with your mum, and know in your heart you have done everything humanly possible for her.

    I send you both love and strength...xx

  • Hello Chezzy.

    I am so glad you updated us. I cannot begin to fathom the anguish you must be feeling. But I think if it was my mum, I wouldn't want her to be feeling stressed out with the oxygen. Being peaceful is maybe the best.

    I wish I could be more helpful. I am thinking of you and your mum.

    Much love to you both.

    Cas xx 🌹❤🌹

  • Hi chezzy you are a wonderful daughter and have done everything possible to make your mum comfortable. I pray you will have many more happy days of laughter with her. Xxxx

  • Would she sniff Eucalyptus Oil it would help with breathlessness will pray for you both XC

  • Thinking of you Chezzy 🌺

  • O Chezzy I'm so sorry to hear this news, like you say make every moment with your mum count, wish we could wave a magic wand for you, always here if you need to talk, I'm in North Wingfield, Chezzy xx

  • Dear Chezzyy66 you are such a caring and dutiful daughter and even though your poor Mum is very ill, I'm sure she enjoys her moments of laughter with you. From your posts on here it is heartbreaking to know Mum won't get any better but that you are making good use of the time spent together. Very admirable. Take care and thinking of you both. x

  • Thankyou everyone for

    Your kind comments xxxx

  • Stay strong, thinking of you and your mum.

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