Hey I. I M 39 40 this year an im waiting 4 lung function test but I think it's pretty safe to say I have copd or enthasema to this is wat my Dr thinks. I have been weezing at nite 4 a good few months now an had a severe cough an was very ill last summer. I've had a cough a few times since then but nothing else. I've now started getting out of breath wen I walk fast or hurry I have been given an inhaler by my Dr which I find I'm using a little maybe thru panic. An my weezing is at nite an first Thing in the morning. I have started a stop smoking g course an im doing well.i have 3 kids 19,9 an 2. I'm so scared that they will lose their mum young an I don't want to put them thru this trauma. As I have bipolar an anxiety disorder 2.any advice an words from anyone I would b very grateful. X

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  • Stop being scared right now, it is not doing you any favours, only make your breathing worse. It is not a death sentence, far from it. You will have to change your lifestyle a bit, that is all. The best thing you can do to help is if you smoke then quit, it is the best singular thing that you can do. It will take a little while, to sort out the right medication, after the test has confirmed your diagnosis and severity. Once confirmed as COPD then ask for referral to Pulmonary Rehabilitation, you will learn how to control your condition and breathing exrcises. Everyone here will tell you the same.

  • Thank you, 4 the reply. Yes I immediately started a stop smoking course I am on patches an I am confident I will do it. I think cause I have anxiety it doesn't help my breathing. This time last year I had a full health check k and everything g was good in very good health so this has Come as a massive shock to me specially wen I look at my babies I want them to have e their mum as long as possible. I have mental health issues which I am medicated 4 an I. I doing well with so this is just another health issue added to it all.i will do everything to help my condition and just wish I new how bad it is an where to go from here. Thanx again. X

  • Welcome to the site and well done for trying to give up the cigarettes. There is a Quit site on here if you would like additional support.

    COPD is a scary disease but please be assured that there are many things that can be done to slow its progress down and most people who have it will die from something else entirely. :)

  • This reassuring Thanx so much honestly. X

  • Yes I will do whatever possible Le to improve my condition. I have an aunt that is on so many steroids she is so big she can barely walk barely breath an is a chain-smoking. I can't get my head around it she seems to have no thought 4 her life an the ppl she will leave behind. Y wouldn't u at last try to improve e yrslf. Can u get thru to the old with steroid use??

  • Steroids may be prescribed by your doctor if there is inflammation. Be guided by him.

  • Oh OK but they r not a continued use then?

  • They are for some people. Only your doctor will know what is right for you.

  • please try not to be scared, think positively,do a little light exercise daily and eat healthy. You have done the right thing by stopping smoking, I stopped four years ago and what a difference it made. You can do it. Please keep posting and let us know how you are. Xx😊 Bernadette

  • Hi try not to worry, you are doing the right thing by giving up smoking. I have only been diagnosed for 2 months. There are a lot of misconceptions about COPD so you need to take a step back and try to have a period of calm. A lot of people have long productive lives with COPD. As 2 Grey's said a change in lifestyle can make a huge difference so at the present time get a pen and paper and make a list of questions. I still have not had a lung function test my diagnosis was made from a CT scan. But I am making changes already, be proactive the more you do now the better you will feel mentally and physically.

  • As you have be told, stop being scared, you are only 39 I'm 60 and was diagnosed Sept last year and was rushed into hospital with type 2 respiratory failure, I recovered from that within a week due to some drastic treatment, I'm now back up too oxygen level of 98, was 78 when I got admitted, and now I'm back at st work but it's a struggle as it is heavy work and will be leaving my job within the next few week, what benefits I can claim God knows prob nothing knowing me, but will find out once I inform the relevant people, but eh I'm happy and if I don't receive anything what the worst that can happen nothing, so take a deep breath and relax there is all sorts of treatment available to use and once you have been seen by the respiratory team you will feel much better.

    I have just been to the doctor's this morning 1st of all too thank her for virtually saving my life as it was her that got me admitted when I last seen her back in January, I now have my Ulibro inhaler that I take once every morning and I also have an emergency medical pack of steroids and antibiotics that I use if the need arises, I'm also exercising by going on walks most nights and weekends I'm now getting there and my breathing has improved so much due to the aftercare and support I receive from the wife,kids, doctor and the respiratory team all of them are only a phone call away

    Kind regards


  • Wow that's fantastic to hear. U r very strong. I'm nown 4 being strong as I have other medical problems an I deal with them very well. I'm on lots of meds tho an im going to c my doc 2dsy to c if these meds r going to make my condition worse. I hope yr health stays as is an continues to improve. X

  • John read up about PIP as it tells you how to put in a claim I am on DLA which is finishing Sept looking at the Points System Advice should be able to claim for Mobility so will lose £100 + a mth but at least should get some extra money. Go to CAB once you get the info you need for a claim & they will help fill in Forms etc & could advise on what you are entitled to. Good luck XC

  • Thank you I will, I hate dealing with ppl at the unemployment office, not that I have for a long time, but I feel as if it's their own money, and give you a hard time, I have worked since leaving school in the early 70s and also spent 12 years in the forces, but they still think they have the right to treat you like something they have stood in

  • Oh yes they do I can relate. I'm a single parent I do have a partner but we do not live 2gether an I deal with them a lot they r a nitemare. But u r entitled an have that confidence en y speak with them an they won't brush u off so easily. I Always find if u r confident but nice to them an respectful. Make small talk they help a lot quicker. Good luck. X

  • Hi Poppy you are doing the right think by stopping smoking. Try and focus on how you are doing today and see how the lung function test goes. Wait until you get a proper diagnosis and then get the right treatment for you.

    Lots can be done now for COPD so take good care of yourself and your children will have their mum for years to come.

    If you need to chat the we are here for you. Xxxxx

  • Thank you so much. An I hope so. I live to B a good mum an I just want them to feel safe so I have to B healthy xx

  • I look at smoking and having COPD as driving a car,

    You can't repair the damage caused to your lungs through smoking you will never get the full use of your lungs back but you can stop it progressing by Stop smoking

    Like driving a car too fast you can not get back the fuel you have wasted but you can stop it getting used so fast by slowing down, simple as that if that makes sense


  • Sorry stopping smoking only slows down the progression it dose not stop the progression. There are other factors smoking is just one of them.

  • Apart from age, if your other wise healthy and have COPD through smoking and you stop, what else will cause it to get worse

  • Air pollution and infections

  • Yes I agree I've thought of all these factors. Unfortunately where I live is very built up an im sure this hS been a factor. Airisols. I have pets an I think I may have to remove them Aswell. As they r indoor pets an I have litter trays an hair to content with. I. C trying g to Illuminate things like this. Any other advice would b very welcome. Thznx

  • Once you get your proper diagnosis they will give you medication to help you with the condition. As everyone is different what is good for one is not good for another. There are a lot of people on this site that have pets. And they are not bothered by them so that is a personal thing and only you can deside what to do. Let us know how you get on. I was told by my resp consultant that no two people with COPD are the same take care xx

  • Thank you I will keep u posted. X

  • Do you pets effect your COPD

  • I'm not actually sure yet. I'm going to keep a note of en it flares up an Wat I think could've been the reason. Am then I can start illimstio process. I have noticed that after I've had dental treatment it flares up massively. This is how the symptoms first started. After my 3rd child I had a lot of damage to my teeth. An after every visit I would get Terri Le weezing an a Terrible cough lasts normally a week x

  • Poppy, As far as your pets are concerned I had 2 cats when I was first DX'd. Indoor cats, so I sure understand litter trays and fur. My family doc knew this, and he said, don't say anything about Mr. Timothy and Miss Lucy-liu (my kitties) to your Pulmonary guy. He might tell you to get rid of them. He said in his experience our pets are wonderful for us. They do more good than bad and are the best medicine. If you find cleaning the litter is difficult, get the clumping kind. You can scoop out the widdles and place in a garbage bag, and the poos, if you can shake off some of the litter, can be flushed. When it comes to washing and refilling box, that 19yr old now has a new chore. Remember to praise and praise for teenagers love praise.

  • It as a ex smoker you cut down the risk of experiencing infections, I have an emergency medication at home incase I feel the an infection starting up saving me time trying to get a doctor's appointment that at time can take a week, as for pollution that depends where you live and work so it may effect some but not others as pollution varies around the country and different between rural and urban living

  • Yes we all should have rescue packs. But nothing is guaranteed with COPD. As everyone is different. I had the pneumonia jag and ended up with pneumonia in November. All we can do is take all the pro cautions. And hope they work. I also have a low immune system and are having different tests at the moment from a immunologist

  • However smoking is still the biggest risk to anyone with COPD

  • It is but your COPD can still progress even when you stop

  • We a have to be stronger at certain times of our life, you have had 3 children now that's being strong,

    If you can go through childbirth I'm sure you will cope with COPD like a walk in the park once you have the correct treatment for you


  • I hope so. X

  • I was diagnosed almost a year ago with symptoms similar to yours. I cleaned up my diet started working out at the gym, got rid of smelly house cleaners, bought an air-purifier, go for lots of walks. So now I'm not as short of breath and feel stronger. I was on symbicort twice a day a year ago and now only a few times a week.

    When I was first diagnosed I thought I had to be final stages, I was so stressed about having emphysema/copd that I could hardly breath... it turned out after lung function test that I was early stage one.

    This website turned things around for me... I felt overwhelmed with encouragement and given lots of good advice.

  • That's great not everyone is that strong u should b so proud of yrslf. I have started to lose a bit of weight an I tend in going swimming an back to the gym wen I'm breathing a bit easier. Well done to u an the k you that's made me feel less anxious xx

  • I do more walking now than I I have done in a long time, you have to put up with getting out of breath during your walks, but don't give up it will get easier the more walking you do and the further you will walk without having too stop as much, remember Rome was not built in a day

  • I have had COPD for12 yrs plus was on the borderline for Oxygen for a few yrs nows found walking near impossible did not go out for 3mths except transport to hospital for Warfarin b/t & taxi to docs. Started going out Jan on Town Rider free minibus for people with limited mobility on Weds/Sat walk for an hour each time pushing store shopping trolley. Breathing is improving due to more walking also sniff Eucalyptus Oil which the Oxygen Nurse said yesterday helps to open up Airways, do deep breathing & pursed lip breathing. Can you get on a Pulmonary Rehab Course? This would help an awful lot, we must walk/exercise every day need at least 3,000 calories (I was living on so little food) as we use up a lot of energy breathing. I got COPD 8 yrs after I gave up smoking as it is a family disease (wish I knew that before!) If 1 doc is unhelpful see if you can go to another. hope some of this helps God Bless XC

  • Do not panic if it is COPD then there are many meds to help and you have taken the biggest step to being better than you are now BRILLIANT YOU HAVE STOPPED SMOKING!!!

    .That is the biggest step to recovery better than all the meds. Keep it up its hard and ask for support at your health centre.Over the next 12 months your lungs will recover.a lot.Now if you have COPD go for the breathing tests and take their advice,Getting exercise is a must too .Its not the worst news you could have your likely to live for a very long time.

    Fine just shout on here and all the folks will help , your on your way to feeling better

  • Poppy, good for you! You are doing exactly what you should be doing. First making an appointment to have the proper testing done. Second, stopping smoking with support, and finally reaching out here in this venue for more support and advice from those who've been there, done that. I am 78, was DX'd 16+ years ago, was scared to death. I did what you are doing. Stopped smoking, had proper testing done, got on proper meds, including one for depression, and am still not on oxygen. Of course you want to be around for your kids. I bet the 2 year old gives you plenty of exercise! Exercise is good for us, and your 9 yr old will keep your brain fresh with all the "Whys and Why nots!" Your 19 year old will perhaps take up some of the chores on days when you seem overtired and they love being praised for everything they do. Good luck, don't worry, and stay in touch. Let us know how your testing goes, and ask your doc to give you a copy of results so you can keep them in a folder.

  • I agree with everything 2greys said. Exercise is the most important thing. I had copd, emphysema but was fortunate enough to have a double lung transplant. Keep as fit as you can and if things do get worse you always have that option. As you are so young I am sure if you stop smoking and exercise you will improve your life enormously. Good luck xx Sue e

  • Thank you a doble lung transplant wow that's huge. Till I came on here I didn't even no it was a possibility very happy 4 u hope they c u thru a long happy life. Xx

  • Thank you. It.s been three years now. Xx Sue E

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