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Update ongoing lung infection

So here I am still hanging on. My infection is now 5 months old. Iv yet again another virus cold going down to chest making my lung pain worse. Its very tight sore and uncomfortable. I was getting sharp pains around it today n yesterday n I'm now getting discomfort in my heart too along with mild palpitations I think it's so tight it's pulling on heart n I'm having mild breathing difficulties like my lung just can't uptake the full oxygen.

So here's my problem my doc is not concerned n not helping me I'm just left dealing with it on my own n I feel alone iv no1 to talk to or ask 4 advise about it.

At Xmas she sent me x ray which came back clear n coz of this refused to do anything else. So I went to a private a n e myself willing to pay 4 ct scan but he said no point as it mightnt show on it but that he'd refer me to respiratory specialist n I'd have app soon. Ok something.

Next another heavy cold went down irritated lung giving me pneumonia symptoms I had nausea vomiting breathing difficulties very ill n worried coz I couldn't eat. I know I have a patch of pneumonia in there. Back to a different a n e I go where x ray still clear but CPR at 53. This doc also said he'd refer me to respiratory specialist n that I'd be getting call from nurse soon. He also gave me script 4 levofloxacim which I'm not taking due to black box warning. I was awaiting this phcall when I decided to ph n discovered the a n e doc did not refer me at all n just wrote to doc to refer me if symptoms persisted. I'd turned down app with private respiratory to save money as I thought I'd be getting that ph any day.

End Jan back to doc again who wrote to respiratory specialist to see me urgently n gave me z pack which is exactly same as clarthmyocin so I can't see working. It also is dangerous to take with low potassium n magnesium which are both down coz of all previous antibiotics n I need to supplement them up. She told me I'd be seen within 2 weeks at the latest, that was a month ago still have heard nothing.

Had app with private respiratory specialist on Fri who agreed to do the ct scan n bronchoscooy but he is also inclined to disbelief me n think this is asmtha. I know this is not asmtha it's the original infection that's still there. He said even if the doc gave too low a dose of an antibiotic my body would fight it off. Eh well it hasn't fought it off that's why am there. He said what do I think people done years ago with infections n I said they died. At least he's agreed to do only thing is it's 1000e. I said can we get asap he said he'd be in touch.

Why does no1 seem to believe me like the pain n discomfort in my lung is gripping me its so there it's a dry infection which can happen it's depends on immune n how your body reacts to infection. Now I'm getting heart discomfort as yes iv yet another cold dripping down making it worse n the tightness is bad it must be putting pressure on my heart. I was getting sharp pains last two days iv to lift a child at work n my arms are dead n lung is so uncomfortable and sore. This couldn't be good for my lung or heart.

I know someone with an ongoing cough n he was sent for ct scans n all sorts. It went on it'd own now it's back he's already dates for tests n I'm sicker than him he's still out in the pub drinking I'm really unwell. Why am I not getting same treatment why am I getting fobbed off do I honestly think iv nothing better to do my whole life is on hold. I'm just going bed to work n I'm only 32 n only work part time. I'm also miserable.

I'm just worried with heart symptoms now do I go back to an a n e n demand a ct scan wait to take a heart attack I dunno like what the he'll to do I don't feel I can go back to my doc now as she basically ushered me out of her office the last day n said there's no more she can do as she's already written into respiratory specialist. She refuses to do ct scan as said if the a n e docs didn't feel I needed then I don't need. This is just wrong Wrong wrong why am I being treated like this I'm entiltled to get tests its medical abuse or neglect. Got form for sputum but can't get any would blood culture show up something like pneumonia antibodies

Please god let it shows on the ct scan please god

Thanks all

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OMG Weaklinkdotcom ,what an absolute hellish 5months you've had,just not acceptable when you not only have children but also a job to hold down.

Over the past months it certainly seems as though you are feeling weaker which is no surprise as you say its hard for you to eat now. A call to your Doctor or even the help line here at BLF, to make sure your on going problems are being taken seriously.

Please do this,even speak to a different doctor within your surgery if needs be. Please make sure you come back and tell us how you got on?

Wishing you all the best.


Thanks I just read that now n it's very long need to condense things smaller. I just got a phone call after writing that to arrange ct scan thanks to be god. I just hope it shows up now. I'll try get blood culture too try arm myself with all I can maybe in blood or antibodies.


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