PiP / DLA Assessments

PiP / DLA Assessments

Having talked to a few THIS talk of DWP Medical Assesments Interviews are a FARSE at best.

Thats if you even get to see a assessor's given cancelation on day THEN made to travel on follow up appointment to new centre.

Why all because assessor's off sick



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  • I have just sent my claim form for pip back,really dreading the assessment from the things I've heard 😞 xxx

  • I would not worry really but just don't give assessors a inch as the take mile.

    But to be fair not all are bad i had very nice lady.

    Just submit all medical evidence and take it on day of interview ALSO if do have to attend go with someone who acts as your carer and ware slipers as the check feet for stones in socks or tights

  • Stones in socks?? Please explain?? What?

  • Hi are you saying you gave just sent a new claim or it's a old one and they haveing trouble with it to pass it or didn't understand as got chest infection and mind is gone blank head and body not working kindly can you explain about DWP please thank you it's foxy79

  • Interesting reading, JAS. :(

  • Very interesting read and the picture is so true JAS !

  • Hi cheers thats why had to share really.

  • So true a picture - wonder if DWP know what we all think of them really?

  • Have to be thick skinned to work for them.

    Guess can understand but when really sick is out of order the dirty tricks.

  • This makes me so angry, my sister who had been on attendance allowance middle rate for care and full rate for mobility for 13 yrs, had to move over to PIP and the person who done her assessment lied on several points so she lost her care component and only got lower rate mobility.

    She has very severe COPD and heart failure and is very much house bound, she didn't have any fight in her to fight them and was to upset to tell any one till it was to late to appeal, so she now has depression to add to her list because these people have made her life so much worse, sorry for the rant but I did say they make me ANGRY xx

  • Good Afternoon astrel, my name is Patricia7. You said in your post that it had been too late to appeal re your sisters' award of P.I.P and the different components i.e care. I am only thinking, have you tried to get legal advice re the appeal deadline.. You should be able to speak to C.A.B. or a local university that offers legal advice re the students studying law, or legal aid. I know you did say it is too late but have you tried to make a case of your sister and the distress caused by this benefit and whole process itself. I have just been assessed myself, by Atos I dont know where you stand legally astrel but I would want your sister to be awarded the correct amount. Please could you let me know how long the deadline for appeal is please astrel. I dont want to give you false hope, I just wanted to help re your sisters' distress.Patricia7.

  • Hi Patricia,

    There is only four weeks four appeal, you have to let them know in writing or a phone call but always best in a written note.

    As my sister did not tell anyone till well after that time that her pip had been reduced I did not think she could do anything about it. She is waiting to see the respitary team at the moment as we think she needs oxygen so that will change her circumstances and we will put a new claim in.

    Thank you for your answer, take care, Gill x

  • astrel, patricia7 here again. thank you for your reply. I personally still believe that there were mitigating circumstances as to why your sister was unable to appeal with your help because of all the stress involved and worry. I do understand that I have been in the same situation myself. Do get help, do ask whoever, as I have said. I dont want to go on , I have been through the assessment process nearly 2 weeks ago, it is very stressful. Do bear in mind what I said, it might help to speak to someone. I am glad for you both that you may be able to ask for the claim to reassessed, thank goodness. Best Wishes. Patricia7

  • She should never have let it drop because that is what they want people to do.

    She should reapply, get docter's letters, lung function reports and letter from whoever helps her to do things at home. Then go to Cab or some other organisation to fill her form in.

    This government make me sick to my stomach. xx

  • Me to Casper, they really are the pits.

    We will get all the help she needs when she teapots for it , but this time it is to late unfortunately I think she was just to upset last time and gave up.

    Thanks for your advice x

  • Hi Jeff, I see from the links you left that there is very little change in DWP Medical Assessment interveiws, what a farse to reach a decision on a person with more than one illness in a mere 13 minutes or there abouts. Plus clerical errors. Had to smile at the reason for delays and cancellations, even assessors and doctors get sick. This is all wasting money from the DWP budget with little evidence of saving on their budget by refusing benefit. I was very pleased to note that my circumstances were far worse for benefit purpose than the person used as a case study. Although his illness was possibly more serious, obviously I am more disabled and was a little disturbed by how many no's I would have to put in. But Hey I am still independent and notice very little attention was given to mental stress.

  • Typical! The assessor probably on full sick pay, and bonuses if don't put you on benefits!!! It's a government p* take of the true disabled in this Country!! System needs a shake up, genuinely sick people being told no you ain't got enough points for any help! Basically "Computer says No".

    Funny, if it wasn't real lives it's messing with!!

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