Pact with myself

I am going to make a pact with myself and stop looking on Internet about CopD and oxygen since I been on it I have become. Obsessed about reading everything the. District nurses have told me that my anxiety will kill me before my CopD if I don't calm down tomorrow I will try to do better .I will keep to this forum and hopefully will get and try to give support and friendship xx

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  • Support and friendship are here for you so stick with HU not Google. Take care xxxxx

  • Everyone here will support you. Your decision might be hard to stick to in the beginning but it really makes sense and I'm sure will lessen your anxiety.

  • I broke pact yesterday made myself Ill on top of new infection no more googling I now no the worst and I would say to anyone don't do it

  • Why not have a browse on the BLF website? They have lots of free leaflets and an exercise dvd you can send for.

  • Thanks I will

  • Dont worry yourself too much as many of us have been on Google til our brains were full of doom and despair. Everyone is still here(as far as I'm aware) and you are absolutely right to stick to forums that have real people. It can take time to come to terms with changes so dont believe Google 100%- you have to be selective. You've made the right decision.

  • Like I said I broke pact but no more now xx

  • Googling your condition will only increase your anxiety. Try exercise or relaxation every time you get the urge to need to try and break the habit. Much better to ask direct questions about your concerns to a medical professional or seek support and advice from HU, as you mentioned. Take care. XXX

  • Thank you pam I need to learn some relaxation I am so wired I can't excersise yet another infection .And the worry of the chronic respiratory failure is crippling me and I am crippling my husband and son xx

  • I am in the same boat as you (anxiety & doing way to much googling). I have recently been diagnosed with emphysema. I am not yet on o2 but my stats are not great. 91-93 & spend entirely too much time with the oximeter as if checking it all the time will make my numbers better, then when I went to the dr today it was 91. Anyway, if you have a secret to calming the anxiety let me know!! good luck!

  • :) I _dream_ of having SATs as high as 93, revagayle: without oxygen, mine run at about 84... and oxygen is wonderful. Just walk as much as you can; the secret to calming anxiety is to be happy... so try to keep busy and live life to the fullest possible.


  • Thanks so much for the advice. I am working on it!!! Gayle

  • Try not do do what I do oxi meter permanently attached .I wish I could help you but sorry no secret xx

  • Being obsessive is just a way to cope with anxiety T2d, and lots of us have been there especially when first diagnosed. There is an anxiety site on HU if that would be helpful. You could get support on that site as well as this one but NOT trying to drive you away from here, lots of members are on both.

  • Thanks I will have a look at that and thank you for advice I glad of this site xx

  • Yes T2D I'm a member of the Anxiety group too and it does help. If I had a £1 for every time I thought I'd beaten my anxiety/depression, I'd be a rich lady! Just got to keep trying so today I'm taking on the "I will be happy today,no matter how hard" and try and put a smile on my face!!

  • Thanks glad it helping you I getting phone call from a counsellor at 4.30 it stressing me out no change there lol but seriously how can someone talking to you on the phone help maybe I wrong we will see it is nice to hear you are putting your happy head on I wonder have you a spare .seriously though thank you very much for your advice I would like to learn some relaxation tips if you know where I can find some .i have tried telling myself to calm down laying very still and heart goes bumpy bump you know the one .I hope things going ok for you at this time best wishes x

  • Defo agree about anxiety AND think am going to take leaf out of your book.

  • Please try to do better than I did one night rule broke but trying again xx

  • I have been on oxygen since end May and at first kept an hourly diary of when I switched it off and then back on and what my levels went up and down to. Gave that up but still keep an eye on my levels . Stopped worrying and regard the oxygen as a welcome medicine .

  • This is what I am like it driving me mad but need to watch levels cause I was retainining x

  • Anxiety can be a major cause of worsening of breathing. I take very small doses of Lorezapam before i leave house etc. Just try not to get too used to them and become dependent on them.

  • Doctor Google - from "A bit under the weather to nearly under the Ground" in three easy clicks!

  • You are right

  • You made me laugh,so there's a smile on my miserable BUT HAPPY(not) face,lol !!!

  • I try!!! Remember the old Readers Digest Motto - laughter the best medicine? I think there's a lot of truth in it

  • Definitely Dragonmum they knew even back in the day of "Readers Digest", that a smile was good for you. Seem to recall it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown? Well that explains why I've so many (and I mean MANY) frown lines lol !!!

    I've read book after book. Article after article and it all comes down to being able to accept we have depression/anxiety/panic attacks and if we could just realise we will come out the other side ok,then eventually those nasty symptoms would not seem so dominant etc. If u can make sense of that,then well done you as I've not really put it down in its simplistic form!!

    Best wishes.

  • Greetings.

    A couple of things, Time-2-drink...

    First: please do stop consulting Dr Google; you'll be dead in three clicks, if you're not careful!!

    Second: oxygen sounds horrendous, if you don't use it. When you get to the point where you need it, it sounds wonderful. I thought that it was the end of the world when I was handed a cylinder to haul round. Now I'm on almost permanent oxygen -- the dog stands on the tubes and pulls my ears down; the cats think that the tubes are a toy. To me, they are my lifeline.

    Third: anxiety and depression (for 80% of us with emphysema) go hand in hand with this horrible disease so please don't let either of them get hold of your head; it's difficult to shake off the "Black Dog" once it's sitting there.

    We will pretty much all say the same thing; exercise (walk, walk, walk), eat sensibly, get enough rest and know when you should rest instead of fighting your body. It takes time for emphysema to get bad enough to require oxygen; just put off the day by being sensible.

    Oooh -- I still sound like a teacher... Be good!!!


  • I don't think will ever be used to oxygen I try to rest but can't can't do anything the sweats I get are so bad and they add to my anxiety sorry for being a pain xx

  • I also, and on occasion, still do obsess about my illness but I have found if I stay off the internet, keep myself busy and focus on today it helps tremendously. Hang in there.

  • Thanks it does becomes a obsession and all consuming I have not googled today so far it is hard to keep busy when always feel ill hopefully one day I will feel stronger here's hoping

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