Community matron came today I still have infection she contacted doctors to get me more antibiotics I am also going to have counselling because I am still not coping one day maybe .I have been trying to find some answers to controlling the sweats and cold spells I have along with the sleeplessness driving me madder and hubby to doctor would only give me 5 days sleeping tabs to get me in sleep pattern laughable xx

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  • Doctors don't like giving sleeping tablets for long as they are addictive. Pete takes Zopiclone but l doubt they work now. He won't give them up though.

    Good luck to you. Xxxxx

  • That's what I got but been told can't have anymore xxx

  • If you can get some help with dealing with the anxiety, your sleeping problems may sort themselves out. Sleeping tablets aren't the answer in the long term. Wishing you well and good luck. XXX

  • When you're in the grip of insomnia, it's very hard to accept that pills aren't the answer. My gp is happy to prescribe them occasionally but I've found that after a while they don't work anyway. & you get psychologically addicted. Sounds like your real problem is anxiety. That causes sweats, chills & racing heartbeat & makes sleep impossible, as does worrying about sleep! Remember, you don't have to get up for work so can rest during the day. Now, I use music & books to while away wakeful nights, it's boring but I no longer fret about it. I do sympathise, getting to grips with all this is very hard, but you'll get there.

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