Please Help Me..Battling with 2years of cough

I have been having dry cough for the past two years worst case rarely produce sputum..i have tried almost an ulcer patient so lemon and ginger is out of option..treated the ulcer but it kept coming back..carried out x-ray and found nothing thats the weird part..Everyone in my place of work already tagged and nicknamed me cos of this cough...anybody with any idea on what else i can me

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  • Hello olaitan1. A cough can be caused by so many different things, even sometimes medication taken for other ailments. There is nobody here who can possibly diagnose what may be causing yours but someone may be able to offer tips on soothing it. I usually use honey when my cough becomes troublesome. Welcome to the forum.

  • Tried honey and eucalyptus oil..but the had only very temporary relief

  • I think you need to chase down the cause to be able to treat it properly. Have you consulted your GP?

  • Could it be acid reflux that is making you cough I wonder. Has anyone suggested that.

    I have coughed for years, but mine is a productive cough not a dry one.

    Fruit pastilles I find can help. I hope you get it sorted wishes

  • Thamks knitter...dnt hav GERD just normal ulcer...

  • just saw this somewhere else

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