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The drugs

For some time my COPD had been getting much worse. I had sudden episodes where I was totally helpless and was gasping desperately for a breath of air. This could happen up to 5 or 6 times a day. Eventually, after an emergency call for an ambulance, I was admitted to hospital and spent a week there during which time they looked at the medicines I was being treated with.

Previously, I was on Aclidinium and Fostair twice a day, and using a Salbutamol nebuliser 4 times a day. This was changed and I now use the Aclidinium twice, a new inhaler called Relvar once in the morning, and a Phyllocontin pill twice a day. The difference has been amazing. The nebuliser is only needed once or twice a day and I can now go for walks, which I was too scared to do before. How has everybody else found their medicines, and has a change made a difference to how you live?

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Very pleased for you Treecutter. You could possibly find yourself getting even better as you are able to walk now. Ive used the same inhaler for about 15 years - Symbicort - and it suits me well. Im now well into the severe stage and its exercise that keeps me going. If you can get a referral from your doctor for pulmonary rehabilitation (if you haven't done it so far) I'd highly recommend it, and so would many others on this site. :)


Thats good to hear Treecutter and happy for you to be feeling so much better. I do remember Pete being put on a powder inhaler once and he coughed so much it was terrible. He now never has powder inhalers and the biggest help has been the Azithromycin three times a week to help keep him infection free. Nice when things work well.

Take care xxxx


How scary not being able to go for walk due to breathlessness! I had Seritide and ventolin inhalers until diagnosed last yr with Bronchiectasis and severe asthma. Changed by Con to Relvar! It was like miracle drug! After 3 mths gp took me off! It's not on Formulary list! Put me on Fostair! Had no effect and might as well have inhaled talcum powder!! After much stress and begging off me to Con was getting Thro hospital pharmacy! Changed surgery as I'd moved and due to severity of symptoms wanted to stay loyal to old gps, but then decided needed local one! I was told at New Surgery no cant have it we don't give it it's Blacklisted!! What twoddle!! Had COPD review at New surgery and came away with Relvar prescription dispensed by Nurse Practitioner!!! My lungs have deteriorated 12% since last year, but now I can access Relvar and another new drug, I'm sure things will improve! Hope anyone prescribed Relvar can access it, it worked wonders for me end of last year!!! Question GPs who say can't have it!!! It must be expensive because it was like asking for Gold!!!

Good health to one and all! Breathe happy!!! Xxx


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