Cardio worries

I have COPD Emphysema. Last time I saw my chest consultant he informed me that as a result of the echocardiogram he had referred me for, he could see that the left side of my heart was not working properly. What??? He then told me he would refer me to a cardiologist but I have not heard anything further. This was in January. As you can imagine I am getting rather anxious and worried but do not know who to contact to find out anything more about this non existent appointment. Any tips from anyone. Thanks.

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  • You could try ringing your consultant's secretary and asking her to check on the progress of the referral. Or call the BLF helpline for further advice. 03000 030 555

  • Was just going to suggest this. Consultants' secretaries are very useful and usually very friendly and sympathetic to queries from patients. Good luck.

  • I agree with the 2 replies you have already had jaxtra as the secretary will be able to help or at least find out whats happening. Lung problems can sometimes lead to heart problems too but try not to worry as the cardi doc will be able to chat to you when you have the echo.

    Hope the appointment comes through soon for you. Take care xxx

  • It must be worrying for you, jaxtra. Your chest consultant is doing the right thing for you but it's left you hanging a bit. Please do as has been suggested and make some phone calls!

    Try not to worry too much and I hope you have your appointment soon. Take care, Sue

  • You could also get on to your GP as well, some of them are very good at chivvying and every little helps

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