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Nasal Congestion

Well its 4am and as usual nasal congestion has woken up again. I will be awake again until exhaustion gives me some respite but once again it will only be for a few hours.

Ive tried most nasal prescriptions and from steroid sprays to olbas oil nothing seems to work.

The only thing Ive seemingly not tried is a humidifier.

Anybody have faith in them or any little known cures which people swear by ?

As my COPD gets worse,congestion has become a serious issue.

Anybody any tips ?



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Try a good plug of Vicks in each nostril at night iit may help . Failing that speak to

Your GP about a small amount tablet 5 Mgs at night of trazadone. Could help Till you get your sleep pattern Back . Good luck.

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Have you tried a nasal saline wash? Some people use neti pots. I just make a bowl of salt dissolved in warm water and sniff it up my nostrils, then blow off to shift the congestion.



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Never heard of trazadone

But am a big fan of vick every night.

I take carbocistine to help loosen the gunk from my chest so it obviously helps with nasal congestion.

I also use the saline but can't get the hang of it.

Just keep trying. I have also had surgery twice but the problem just returns.

Also drink plenty of water. It really does help.

Take care



It may take trying different nasal decongestions to find the one(s) that work best for yu.I tried many myself, some worked not at all, some for a while, and some for a longer while. I am interested in trying the salt inhaler next. Let us know if you find one. You could ask for fluconase, use the humdifier, nasal sprays, and cleanse your nostril daily with saline solutions-that really helps. Let us know what works well for you

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Hi john

I've been having lots of similar problems and like you tried everything.

recently I purchased one of these called a Neilmed Sinugator pulsating nasal wash

It's absolutely brilliant and if your nose gets very dry like mine does they also do a nasal spray for dry noses which is completely natural

They sell them all over the internet so you can shop around....hope it works as well for you as it does for me



Hi JayKew

I've always had that problem and even a septoplasty hasn't solved it. My Bronchiectasis consultant said use sterimar spray which I use religiously 4 times a day and has helped abit but maybe you've tried it? Good luck x


Sterimar saline spray has certainly helped my acute nasal congestion. I use it in conjunction with Beconase inhaler. De-humidifiers do help a little, but you need to get a good one (£120+)

Good luck.


Hi John, sorry to hear you're suffering with your sinuses. I had sinus surgery for this about 15 yrs ago, but it didn't help as the problems are mostly allergy. I use Neil med sinus rinse every morning, (evening too during pollen season) plus Flixonase nasules (steroid drops). I use a bi-pap machine at night too so spray each nostril with some Neilmed Dry Nose Gel before I go to sleep. If I deviate from this rouhtine, the problems return with a vengeance within a couple of days. Good luck with finding something that works for you 🌻

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Eucalyptus pure essential oil is good to inhale by putting a few drops in an essential oil burner or just on a tissue but wrap it in another tissue so that you don't get it on your skin. It's really effective but use good quality essential oil. I just have a ceramic burner that I put a tea light under & a couple of drops of essential oil in a little water on the saucer above. Available pretty cheaply on Amazon.


I have tried most of the above ..... When I am desperate Vicks Sinex works for me but of course you cannot use it too often. If I take a Sudafed tablet before going to bed that often but not always works.


Hi Jaykew

I have tried lots of various sprays but I found the salt sprays were too strong and made things worse. In desperation I tried a baby nasal spray made by Calpol as I thought if it was gentle enough for a newborn it might be ok for me. I have never looked back it helps to clear my nasal passages gently and produce mucous to lubricate naturally. Hope this helps.



That sounds like itmight suitme. Most sprays mention nose bleeds and as I have had a couple of severe ones I steer clear of those. Usually just rely on a fishermans friend in the night but it doesn't always help.


I just read this article on taking Vit D to prevent colds, flu and respiratory infections, though I think Vid D3 is the one to take and I believe Vit K and magnesium should be taken alongside to prevent calcium building up in the arteries. Also check out the Vitamin D council online for advise on dosage etc.


Also turmeric might be very helpful for sinus prob's. For further advice go and a list of med's that might be contraindicated go to:


I use a humidifier and a small salt lamp plus of course the trusty mucinex when necessary. Exercise also helps


I'm a huge fan of sinus rinsing with a neti pot. However I've got a head cold at the moment and my sinuses are very congested.

I found a facial steamer buried under a pile of junk in our shed yesterday. It has a nasal steamer attachment which I used with lavender oil. The beauty of the steamer is that you get continuous steam, unlike putting your head over a bowl of hot water which soon goes cold. It loosened up lots of yuck that I was able to blow out.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some eucalyptus oil which might be better for sinuses.



I use Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray at least two squirts daily and find not only has it cleared up my nasal/sinus problems but also I have not had an infection that needed my antibiotics and steroids since 4th December which is great especially as I was getting one about every 2 weeks. It was recommended by some kind person on this site so I am very grateful. Worth a try anyway. good luck xxx


I to suffer with this problem have also been given various sprays etc all prescriped by my GP all to no avail this problem is called post nasal drip and I also suffer with copd and cause serious chest problems my GP says the only way to solve this problem is a nasal operation which is not always susseceful.I think we have to live with this problem or go for the nasal operation. Good luck?


Hi - I totally sympathise with you about being woken up with a blocked nose. Just over a year ago I saw someone on this site had recommended a salin plus salt air purifier. This is a machine which you leave on overnight, you need to replace the filters every few months and it was a bit of an expensive outlay - in fact it was my Christmas present from my husband! - but well worth it for the effect. I have mine about 3 feet from the bed, and it has made an amazing difference, both to nasal congestion and mucus production ( I have bronchiectasis) and hence quality of sleep. I also use a nasobec steriod spray which I've found helpful. This is the site

They also advertise a salt pipe inhaler which I haven't tried.

Let us know if you go down this route, do hope it helps!


I sympathise with you John, my nasal passages close up at anything! And us having copd means double trouble! Of course I use Beconase every day however I also use the neil med sinus rinse. At first it's disgusting what comes out of your nose,,,, but you breathe easier & that's what we all want. I also think it keeps infections away by rinsing the germs out, just my opionion x


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