Discoveries MADE With My Microscope

Discoveries MADE With My Microscope

B12 and Folate issues via GP blood test & MACROCYTOSIS via my compond microscope and GP blood test.

Think i would felt better if would of been a drinker.

But as lung dieased Large Blood Cells MCV 100 and B12 and Folate Issues Mean water retension LEG SWELLING why becouse of Lung Dieased worse enermy C02 retension.

Given my doctor thinks am ok doing well i think i need to ASK when are they going TO check treat things that have clearly changed given my lung condition.

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  • You teach us so much.

  • Hi Cheers i just wish i knew how to stop it.

    I look at my dads swallon legs arms and think how brave he is THEN i think am i nurotic.

    But i use to look at trashed blood cells under microscope thinking was incedental but NOW like heart ECG's and axis deviation is not incedental its quite chronic when lung diseased.

    How why have such trashed lungs still eludes me MUST be triggers and chronic inflamation.

    As patholigy is all same its just cause thats so diffrant

    Cheers thanks again .

  • I agree whole heartedly with you Jeff, but doctors just think we want to hear we are OK which is no good if you are feeling iller is it ? I have been battling with the GPs again for around 6 months due to a new illness arising or maybe an undiagnosed one flaring up ???, but like you, too spite three falls,a new illness, deterrioraition in my arthritis and close family deaths, my drs think I am fine even though things suggest different. Guess we will have to adopt the saying "we will live till we die" even without dr intervention. :) :) Thanks for the new link by the way

  • Hi Katie NOT sure about dieing bit but defo agree.

    Told my doc's i want to live for ever SO the best make it happen.

    Am sure the are lol in strange pervese way THAT i cant understand or compreehend WITH my working class roots.

    Anyway thanks for reply and hope ya start feeling better

  • I recall years ago a dr actuallly writing on my notes a word that mean't it was above my intellegence to understand, now I wonder how I knew what it mean't :) :) Everyone is capable of learning by researching a subject that's how we learn from birth by reading, experience ect that's how DRs learn too. Working class roots are where I come from too but don't know a thing about football or the likes. But know how to get on my knees and scrub a floor to earn a crust. I expect my knowledge to be respected and so should you, class as nothing to do with it.My last job was with dementia services before retirement. Must go have a dental extraction today at 4.45, catch up with you tomorrow while I am resting have a good evening and keep the research work up Jeff .

  • Hi Katie defo write about roots n understanding I think we are more open mined than doctors.

    But yer done bit floor scrubing in mu life too.

    Hope dentist go's well n thanks again

  • Good morning Jeff, so far so good with tooth have to ring up if anything goes wrong. We are more open minded than drs, Some of the research is quite scientific but find i can translate it into more basic language, of course I passed science with an A when finishing school but can't remember half of it now :) :) I'm interested in why some people get COPD from smoking while others don't, there must be some other factor just like lung cancer requires three triggers. It is like Dementia there are many factors not just age. Sure genetics play a big role too. Always remember drs cant know all either, so there is room for us to impart our knowledge and experience as patients and carers. Have a good day, sun is shining here.

  • I have never known anyone do so much research as you JAS and your grit and determination are amazing. Now just to get the doctors to listen to you.

    Take care and never give up. Xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy I wish it had done me any good really but looks like its not.

    Might be just speed woble ANYWAY am going to ask doc did you give me stockings so can rob a bank :)

  • This is a bit of a coincidence - I've been to my gp today. I went on Friday because I had a chest infection and had started my rescue pack. He threatened to admit me to hospital because I was so bad but I persuaded him to let me wait and see what today brought. Had results of blood test and my red blood cells are enlarged again - 111, and there are B12 Folate issues, I don't have water retention though. Have to go for another blood test in a month.

  • Hi AM no expert but can have swelling in abdomen.

    But could be result of infection BUT your doc's on the ball.

    A simple test is to messure blood pressure on both arms if its equale that rules out heart stuff lucky for me mines ok.

    So all be looking into co2 stuff OR could be from my fall my retension or even infection.

    Am not going to lie but issue like we have could be cancers as our dna is trashed.

    Good news is your doctors on the ball BAD news is mine are bunch of idiots.

    Like i say its prob just copd exabation as that can cause our results

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