Suzanne needs some advice on B12 and folic acid tests

I have had 4 blood tests in the last month because my CRP has been very high, but the last blood test came back stating that my B12 and folic acid were stuck together, could someone out there tell me why this is so. I'm very breathless even on resting and I'm totaly exhausted all the time. If any of my good friends out there can help with this information I would really appreciate it. Thank you all. Suzanne

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  • I've not heard of that before, Suzanne. If you are in the UK, you could phone the BLF nurse on 03000 030 555 and discuss the results with them.

  • Hi Suzanne. I don't understand how B12 and folate can be 'stuck together'. I see that you have a CTD and so do I. I have also had low B12 and needed treatment for it. Breathlessness can be caused by respiratory inflammation from the CTD or from B12d. Your raised crp would indicate active inflammation. Do you know what your B12 level is? Deficiency can be caused by auto immunity, chronic dietary deficiency and lots of medications including DMARDS and PPI's. I hope your do cottis have a plan and that you soon feel better. Clare X

  • I've read this post and realise I have a lot to learn about lung disease. It felt like a foreign language. What is CTD, Crp?DMARDs and PPIs???

  • Sorry Pmb6. CTD is Connective Tissue Disease, CRP is a very sensitive marker of levels of inflammation and can be raised in viruses, infections or indeed, CTD's. DMARDS are Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs such as methotrexate and PPI's are Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Omeprazole for controlling stomach acid. Xx

  • Thank you! I'm new to understanding this very complex disease! I've been having terrible bone aches and know Bronchiectasis can produce muscle wasting but why bone problems? Or is it nothing to do with Bronchiectasis and just old age! I'm not that old but some days ache all over!

    Cheers for full terminology, appreciate it!! 🤓🙏👍

  • Hi. I was on Seretide for quite a few weeks. It ended up making me quite unwell. Cramps in feet, swelling. Musle waste, breatgless hard to breath. Legs very tired. I gave the Seretide up and within few weeks i really started to feel a lot better. Google it up. Side Effects. I am 75 Google all your meds many have bad side effects.


    New Zealand

  • Thank you everyone for your help. I also have COPD which isn't helping the situation. So I have oxygen and a nebuliser at home, which realy helps. But my COPD nurse didn't know what that result meant. So I'll let you all know as soon as I find out.xx

  • Thank God for all you good friends for information. Some solutions have helped at least a little. You give me hope.

  • Hello Etta-Krause

    Thanks for your concerns.3am again and can't sleep, I did drop off for a little while and next thing my husband tapped me on my leg I was having a horrific nightmare. I woke up thank god for that.i asked him if I was having a nightmare and he said, no I just woke up myself and thought I'd better check If you were ok. How strange!!! We've been married since I was 18 yrs old so our 50 th w edding anniversary was December 2017. I'm told regularly that I don't look a day over 50. In my photo that I've put in I'm 64yrs old. Mind I do have my own secret little face tonic that I have used for a few years. Anyway I'm here to tell you that I'm feeling much better, the doctor doubled my antibiotics dosage and I even got up to make myself a nice cup of tea a few mins ago.i have a stairlift.I also have been on my oxygen during the the last 2 nights, I'm only supposed to used when needed for about 30 mins a time, but, I thought I'm the one suffering here and can't clear my chest, so I decided upon my self to use it on1.5 all night. That has helped a lot. Anyway goodnight everyone and thank you for supporting me. I've got a repeat blood test next week regarding the sticky folic acid and I shall let you know what happens. Suzanne.

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