Jane with hypersensitivity pneumonitis

I Connors hope everything works out for you I know how depressing it is when you cant get out and about I have Lung disease and my husband has dementia and alzeimers he has a chair but at the moment we cant get out much keep in contact jane

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  • Nice post for Connors Jane and l hope he does keep in touch.

    Thinking of you and your husband. Xxx

  • thanks sassy its nice to meet you I have been really deppressed with my lungs I sit crying myself senseless jane

  • Things must be so difficult for you Jane. Take care xxxx

  • there terrible forus sassy also I worry about what will become of my three boys if thhe worst should happen I also feel to blame for my illness because of haveing kept my husbands birds when he took ill but I love animals and birds janexxxx

  • I know it's hard, but try not to blame yourself for becoming ill, Jane. It's just one of those things that happens to some of us and not others. Try to use all that emotional energy to start living as healthy a lifestyle as you can in your circumstances.

    What hobbies do you have, that can take your mind off your situation? Some of us do handcrafts and painting. I play musical instruments, read books and collect post cards.

  • I like reading I'm interested in hand crafts I like walks when we can get out and about I watch the birds on the table in the garden what it was sassy I let all the birds go when I was diagnosed except for some I couldd not rehome I moved them well away from me like the nurse told me to and wore a mask to go near them like she advised I could not bear to have them put to sleep one is nearly 15years old now I feel to blamejane

  • What sort of hand crafts are you interested in? Do you have a project you're working on at the moment?

  • I've got a paper bird handcraft kit sassy I like classical music 🎢 too thankyou for reassuring me I'm not to blame for my illness I feel I was meant to meet you sassy jane

  • just been Asda with one of our sons sassy got me out what instruments do you play?

  • I don't play any instruments Jane but would be a drummer if l could xxx

  • een to Boston sassy with son to Asda helping to decorate the kitchen takeing it gradually though jane

  • evening did you go to church β›ͺ today ergende cooked Sunday lunch did some things around the house 🏠 again not too much at a time though now I've got our 2little Syrian hamsters to see to their 2ginger males and pet rats and chinchillas charley George and. Pippin two brothers the rats are very tame and sociable they are black white beige x white and an old one white put some tulip bulbs in some tubs what id forgot to put out to me we've got some roses πŸ’ and small bushes we've planted in worn out for tonight close for now jane

  • Yes, Jane, I played the organ and a keyboard at church this morning. Spent some time continuing to reorganise my music room in the afternoon, and cooked a joint of beef for tea. Exhausted again now, so should sleep well. Hope you sleep well too.

  • goodnight godbless

  • hi hope alls well not been on for a while ergende not too well but still going on doing things it helps been in garden this last 2weeks its too big but we've carried on with liveing in fields we get alot of nettles and bramble it stings really bad I wear gardening gloves and pull it out by the roots the nettles in hope they don't come back the nettles out here can grow has high has a bush going to feed the garden birds in a minute jane

  • Hi Jane. I've just got back from a week in Venice with my husband. It was a lovely holiday, warm but a little too humid at times, some wonderful churches and museums and paintings, and a lovely gondola ride to St Mark's Square.

    Good luck with the nettles. Hope you're feeling a bit better now the weather here has cooled.

  • hi what kind of musical instruments do you play I like alot of classical music and listening to billy graham I like arrangeing flowers and sketching I've got a bird makeing craft kit I might attempt to give a try jane

  • I play guitar and keyboard, and I am a church organist. I'm also a trained singer. Your craft kit sounds good, Jane.

  • hi Egendie hows your day been got to go for that scan Thursday I was telling sassy they spray chicken mess onto the fields here the stench comes in the house 🏠 even with the windows shut I we live in the middle of fields there's alot out here on oxygen

  • Chicken manure must be awful, Jane. I've had a good day, once I'd finished at the dentist. Busy but OK. Hoping for a good night's sleep as I'm playing for a funeral tomorrow. Hope you sleep well too.

  • een doing some decorateing also sketching this morning started writing a letter to my son who is going out on the London ambulances in April he's going to miss Easter at home 🏠 but will be comming 🏠 in march jane

  • did you get a good nights sleep πŸ’€ the other πŸŒƒ night ergende I sleep every night only up to about 5.30am in a morning since being on prednisolone I get side affects also my son goes on the ambulances in April so comming home next week for early Easter holiday he's in Essex but he will be on London ambulances bless him just having a rest done some painting in the kitchen today abit at a time

  • I sleep reasonably well, but usually wake up several times during the night. I listen to story CDs to help me get back to sleep. It must be a time for painting - you did your kitchen, I took a couple of days to paint a fence and side door.

  • oh the chicken manure is fowl ergende it stunk nearly the whole area out afew months ago about 5 months ago I had it all comming through the airvents I'm wondering if that's what's made my lungs get bad has it even made news headlines it lingered for days on top we don't live far from a chicken farm where their shut in never see any daylight but on certain days you get the odour of there too and they usto spray it all over the place towards the pavement when you had to walk past it to go to the shop it went all in your hair and clothes you stunk of it then there's regular crop spraying in fields we live in the middle of there's loads in this area with lung disease jane

  • hello ergende not been on for a while not been too well but been busy we've been doing the garden 🏑 its abig garden really hard work to keep up with it not too happy with large gardens prefer small cosy gardens jane

  • Good morning, Jane. Lovely to hear from you, and hope you are feeling better now. I haven't been on for a week because I was away with my husband in Venice. Great holiday. Now back home for a rest!

  • how nice Venice is beautiful had to change back to the old doctors haveing a terrible time getting my medication from new doctor not had 2lots of my meds ffor over 2weeks now I have been takeing occassional cbd oil and serrapeptase and turmeric capsuels got a bottle of cbd oil jane

  • Oh dear, Jane. Hope things are improving for you now.

  • not yet but going to hospital on 26th June your hair looks nice on your new photo you know what I did attempted tto mow the lawn in warm weather with a push along mower and I have hay fever.too I regret it now I don't think it helped jane

  • No, mowing the lawn certainly wouldn't. I let my husband mow the lawn and hoover the carpets these days as I struggle with them.

  • wont mow it again I don't think it helped full of chest pain and stiffnessi know I've had it 3months since going on prednisolone but worse now hopeing to go to Skegness for the day next week with one of our sons don't let it get to me so much now brought some cbd oil but don't know if I can take it on prednisolone the medical one is legal now but I got cbd at Holland and Barratt my sister and brotheringlaw are coming Sunday to visit jane

  • Not sure about cbd. Check some of the previous posts on here. Enjoy your sister and her husband's visit tomorrow.

  • orning ergende

  • Good morning, Jane5. I'm off to get my hair done, then the week's shopping, and then music group practice. Hope you've got something interesting planned for today. Have you started on your bird making craft kit?

  • not yet but hope to today hope your day goes well janexxxxxx

  • ergende hope you don't mind me asking but have you got hypersensitivity pneumonitis jane

  • No, COPD, Jane. But we all try to encourage each other on this site. It's a great place to meet and chat for people like yourself who can't get out a lot.

  • morning ergende did you have a nice day 😊 the other day did you get your hair done its nice to talk I think if everybody stuck together this world would be a better pbetter pLace toBe been pottering about doing things around the house 🏠 one odour sons is on camp he's the scoutLeaderin the village I've told him wrap up warm their going hikeing today jane

  • sorry for the spelling mistakes haveing not put my glasses on for reading jane

  • I did get my hair done. It's quite short now. And yesterday I went to visit my brother in York for the day, so I wasn't on this site at all. Hope you've had a good day, Jane.

  • reasonably well 😊 ergende hope you enjoyed seeing your brother yorks beautiful we've been there on a Christmas shopping 🏬 trip before and really love going there we like going to visit York minster its a beautifuL church β›ͺ were originally from derby but came here in 207 regretfully I'm afraid because the timothy hay sprays and dusts havnt helped but wouldn't been able to rescue jimmy our loyal old 🐱 if we hadn't of come hope your days been great jane

  • hope you've had a good easter

  • Thank you, Jane: I did have a good Easter, but a bit busy as I played the music for five services in four days. Hope you had a good Easter too.

  • Abit quiet but a peaceful day 😊 there was only three of us at home 🏠 over. the holidays but it was ok

  • hope alls well jane

  • not been too well had some pain and side effects hope alls fine with you been carrying on it helps take your mind off it your right ergende been finding extra things to do around the house 🏠 been looking at pain sets and brushes and thinking πŸ˜” of painting some pictures been into Boston yesterday jane

  • Forgive me I meant to say paint 🎨 sets jane

  • re you 😊 ok agende go for my scan Friday hhas I changed it found some restriction when they did last lung function test and valve deterioration had a letter today

  • Hi, Jane. I'm fine, thanks. Had a busy day practising in church this morning, and leading my singing group this afternoon. Now relaxing watching TV and playing computer games. Hope you've had a good day despite the letter you received.

  • hope you had a good day 😊 also what sort of computer games do you like doing things around the house 🏠 written a medication chart out and a chart for Micheal my husband food has started getting fast in his throat I don't know if its his alzeimers or not he sleeps alot too ordered our meds from doctors surgery they did not send them to the collection point we go to to collect them changeing doctors surgery this week its been quite bright here today my old cats lying in his fleece bed bless him our other son is home 🏠 from uni hope you have a nice day 😊 god bless you

  • My husband and I play some of the FB games - Bejewelled Blitz, Criminal Case, and Bubbles IQ; plus the Xbox Live Solitaire games on our Windows 10 laptops. They're great for taking your mind off aches and pains, and for getting me to rest after I've done something tiring.

    We've got a good day today - a new washing machine is going to be delivered and installed. The old one was getting very noisy and didn't spin very well.

    Hope you have a good day. Good luck changing your doctor's surgery.

  • hi not heard from you for a while hope all is well been writing out some Easter cards planning some walks for next week ergende been haveing lots of side affects after starting on 40mg prednisolone 6weeks ago chest stiffness pain blurred vision stomach cramps how have you been going for Lung function tests soon again I get fed up with all these tests though I've been watching Collins story isn't he a brave person he is very inspirational bless him we will take our little dog Rosie with us next week she's very demanding likes alot of exercise she takes us the walk not the other way around jane

  • Hi Jane, I've been a bit busy with end of the Tax Year stuff as I'm self employed. I feel quite well, just very sleepy all the time at the moment.

    Sorry to hear about the side effects you're getting with prednisolone. They can help you feel a lot better in some ways but much worse in others. Keep going with the tests - they should help the medics treat you better. And great about your dog Rosie taking you for walks - she'll help you keep fit. I'd love to have a dog but so far only managed to persuade my husband to let us have our cat, Tinker.

  • hi ergende just been on a walk with little Rosie she took us she loves going long walks down the country Lanes there's an old war memorial somewhere down the lane from us where a bomber I think it was a Lancaster bomber crashed during the war well I don't know if you believe in ghosts but one day me and our sons where walking down there with their sister and we saw a young man his face looked burned he had the old flying jacket on the second world war clothes fur around his jacket collar boots and his hat and he came up the side of the farm across the field onto the lane walking up towards us and vanished into thin air no where for him to go its all flat Land mostly here we will never forget you could see he was dressed like he was on a flight jane

  • Wow, Jane, that must have been very spooky. I do believe in ghosts or spirits, and often feel presences in old places I visit, but I've never seen an apparition.

    I've got a busy day at church today - playing for two services, and we have a couple of meetings and a Bring and Share lunch after our morning service. Shame to be inside on such a lovely spring day.

    Hope your day goes well for you. Enjoy your walks with Rosie - she sounds a real treasure.

  • hii ergende no he never frightened us he just looked solid like a ordinary young man its the. Clothes and the way hhe vanished near flat open fields that proved he wasn't alive he looked quite sad they crashed down there whilst on a mission during the war the air base is just up from us my husband said he must of been walking back there from the crash when we saw him bless him

  • she's a little wire haired jack Russel with an hair do in the middle of her ears it sticks up she's had tat hair do since being a baby bless her she's a madam though

  • hi agende not been on for a while steroids are getting to me been out shopping today with our son he's home from uni goes on the London ambulances in April wont be home 🏠 for Easter we have 3sons one set of twins 1single been looking at painting sets today looking for anew handycraft to do might go to Skegness soon for the day look at the sea and a walk around there's anice cafe there near the beach called the boating lake cafe

  • hi agende not been on for awhile on alot of meds so haveing a fair few side affects been looking at paint 🎨 sets today looking for new hobbies sons home 🏠 from uni he goes on the London ambulances in April so wont be home 🏠 for holiday my ribs feel strange on the prednisolone like a pressure since going on it Dr says got to keep takeing it my Parrott has finally been sold at the pet shop dobby he's been pushed from pillar to post since he went its so sad he's a yellow throated amazon or yellow headed we've missed him but cant do anything anyway he's been waiting for anew home 🏠 for ages and he's finally not going to be sat in the pet shop anymore just what he needed Jane had a mackau has well he went to a taxi driver with an aviery jane

  • Hi, Jane. It's always so hard to give up a loved pet, but sometimes it's so necessary. Hope you are able to enjoy a lovely day in Skegness while we have this wonderful weather. M

  • hello ergende I can change overr for messages when our other son gets back Sunday he's in wales on holiday wished we where there hopeing alls well at hospital Monday for results jane

  • Good luck for Monday, Jane. And you'll be glad to see your son back on Sunday too. Hope you have a good day today. M

  • ergende listen go on the internet and look for gods love letter to you watch it it is beautiful

  • Lovely, Jane - thanks for telling me about this. I also like "Who I am in Christ" by Dr Neil Anderson - I say 21 of the 33 statements every morning as part of my routine first thing.

  • hi sassy just checking see if alls fine jane

  • Hello Jane, how are you doing? We are good here and it's been a nice day today. I love all kinds of music and being with our grandchildren. They keep us on our toes. I slap enjoy gardening and reading plus caring for Pete of course. Take care xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • hi sassy had a good day 😊 been helping decorate the kitchen trying to focus on things now to occupy my mind its been nice today here too also trrying to get a move has there's lots on oxygen out here in lincs and I don't think the crop sprays help much we live in the sticks miles from nowhere the last bus 🚌 runs at 5pm at night to come back 515pm jane

  • Glad your day went well Jane and take care. Xxx

  • thanks sassy its nice to talk the day did go well 😊 doctors tomorrow high resolution ct scan Thursday my old tom cat 🐱 jimmys lying on the sofa next to me bless him he likes his food sleep and a whole lot of affection janexxxxxxxxx

  • Hope your appointments go well Jane. Our old cat Tessa (18) is asleep on the sofa. Xxx

  • love cats we took jimmy in some years ago starving covered in sheep ticks bless him and Bella didn't have a very good start till we took her in jane

  • morning sassy and petexxxxx

  • Morning Jane. Have a good day. Xxx

  • hi sassy hope alls well been writing our Easter cards out arranging walks for me and husband and dog for next weeknothing much on tv and he drops off to sleep with having alzeimers out of boredom that's away of keeping him occupied by getting him out its really Lonely and isolated where we live you can see mists comming over the fields like the moors really deppressive in dreary weather

  • Morning Jane the weather here is good and it will be lovely for you and your husband to get out walking. Already in April so yes Easter not far off.

    Have a good weekend. All the best. Xxxxx

  • no not far away now sassy been for a walk with little Rosie love walking

  • hi sassy hope you had a nice day 😊 been busyplanting two tubs today and painting then tidying hope you both enjoyed today jane

  • We had a lovely quiet day thank you Jane. It was raining a bit so no gardening for me. You take care xxxxx

  • hi sassy hope alls well. How is your husband been for my high resolution ct scan two really careing gentlemen helped me through it then one took me back to my husband who was waiting for me jane

  • All good here thanks Jane and glad you were well looked after during your ct scan appointment. Xx

  • hope you've had a good easter

  • Yes thank you Jane. Hope you did too. Xxx

  • What good is sitting crying doing! None!!! Your alive, look around at the beauty of life and all gods creation! Depression is a terrible thing, but please try think what is point in crying!! Just get puffy eyes and feel crap!! Read, paint, tidy drawers, write letters to friends! Stroke the cat, just remember, your alive!!!

    Try enjoy shear fact you are alive!! πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜˜

  • god bless you and thankyou what you've said makes sense i am planning activities plus I've found a new church β›ͺ keep in contact jane😊

  • I've got an old cat 🐱 called jimmy and our eldest twin has one called Bella they follow me around the house 🏠 love cats we have a little wire haired jack Russel called Rosie she has an hairdo inbeetween her ears its always been there like the little piglet babe in the film jane

  • been doctors sassy been told if I have fibrosis no other treatment only prednisolone felt fobbed off sassy my sister died along time ago she was let down

  • Nobody should be let down Jane but often are. If you are not happy with what your GP says, try and see another doctor and get a referral to a consultant. Xxxx

  • he said prednisolone is the only treatment in on 8aday with side affects

  • I takes 8 everyday

  • Pete used to take 6 steroids daily but is down to two now and has been for a long time. Take care Jane. Xxxxxx

  • is Pete getting better sassy have the steroids worked they make my ribs uncomfy with added pain and stomach crampsxxxxxxxxxx

  • Petes doing ok thanks Jane but still has lung problems. He keeps as well as he can. Xxx

  • oh god bless him its nice to know he's fighting this

  • i sassy hope alls well just done abit in the kitchen again decorateing abit at a time my old cats lying near me again bless them he's black with big green eyes and we've got a toitorshell 2chinchillas a little wire haired jack Russel called rose don't know how old jimmy was when we had him but he's suffered I had to give my macauw Parrott away horacio hornblower for free just having a rest has with getting up early in tired 😫 early jane

  • Hello Jane you seem to be doing ok just a bit at a time. It's lovely to have pets. Many people on HU love their animals. Hope you sleep well tonight. Xxx 😴

  • hope you and Pete are fine hope you sleep well tonight sassyxxxxxxx

  • afternoon sassy hope your having a nice day 😊 been busy today jane

  • Having a good day thanks Jane with family here. Enjoy your weekendXxxx

  • they spray chicken muck in the fields around our house 🏠 it smells fowl and disgusting it even comes in the house 🏠 when the windows are closed xxxxxx

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