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Season of lent, what to give up- try these instead

This lent, why not consider more than chocolate and sweets.

Fast from pessimism; feast on optimism and a brighter tomorrow

Fast from worry; feast on truth and positivity

Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation and blessings

Fast from stress; feast on self-care and healing

Fast from hostility; feast on letting go and forgetting

Fast from bitterness; feast on forgiveness

Fast from selfishness; feast on compassion for others

Fast on thoughts of illness; feast on the healing power of God and the universe

Fast from discouragement; feast on seeing the good

Fast from apathy; feast on enthusiasm

Fast from suspicion; feast on seeing the good in others and their actions

Fast from idle gossip; feast on spreading good news and hope

Fast from being so busy; feast on quiet silence and mindfulness

Fast from talking; feat on listening

Fast from trying to be in control; feast on letting go

Fast from the mobile phone, Tablet and PC; feast on those who are around you

And for those who have religion, or would like to find it. Loving God, let us fast from anything that leads us away from you, teach us to feast on all that brings us closer to you and your healing Love. Amen

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Wow, Tryfan. Can I share that on Facebook?

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Of course good luck, best wishes. David aka Tryfan

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Many thank, David - I've posted it with an attribution to you.


tryfan what you've written is really good jane


Thank you Jane.


David do you go hikeing and on alot of walks jane


Hi Jane

Not sure where you live. As some of the contributors to the posts on HU are from non UK countries, I will assume that you know where Wales is.

I live in North Wales not that far from the wonderful mountains of Snowdonia- hence my user name on this site - Tryfan. Tryfan is one of the most iconic mountains in the Snowdonia range. This is all by way of saying yes I love walking especially in the mountains with my friends. Sometimes we can persuade upwards of 10 to come out, other times it may just be 4, 5 or 6. Though truth to tell I don't get out as much as I would like.

I used to cycle more than walk, but health issues have restricted that. I get frustrated that I can no longer achieve the speeds and distances I once did- ah well that's age and Asthma for you. Can't do much about the first, but do try to manage the second.

Thanks for your replies.


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I think your a very inspirational person David and very christian it must be wonderful climbeing and feeling close to god keep up the good work Jane in Lincolnshire I have lung deterioration and my husband has alzeimers but I wont give up praying and ill pray for you to get stronger jane


Dear Jane

Thank you for your reply. I will remember you and your husband in my prayers. I have belief in the power of prayer, nothing is ever lost. What I do say which I hope is not controversial, with the power of prayer you might not get a cure but you will get healing. There is a subtle difference.

God - Bless you both.


thankyou David for praying and god bless you I believe the lord is the healer where all others let us down he is the only one god bless you jane


like your season of Lent sounds posotive


think what you've written is really good you've put a great deal of thought into it and its how we should see things


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