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Feeling SICK To MY Core

Don't you hate it WHEN you know whats happing.

We are TALKING about COPD Lung Diseases and Right AXIS Deviation

My DOCTOR gp knows excacly what am talking about AND its that AS made me sick.

Following MY abnormal ECG well today i found out propper what my ECG means and defo not happy given leg swelling and lack of action by my GP

Here is my heart ecg showing Right AXIS Deviation.

Clearly all be having words with my doctor if infact am right.

O and thats with COPD review saying i was doing ok with FEV 73% Clearly FEV and these copd nurse are just full of it.

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Hi it it difficult to hear , I have stage 3 COPD and my FEV is 35%, everything is difficult. I am a widow, with an adult schizophrenic son who my family ignore, so I know how difficulties feel.

What I do every day is thank heavens I am still alive, so I am able to be there for my only child and volunteer for a local charity. The flip side is if I indulge myself.....i can easily talk myself into going to switzerland. I do feel for you but be as positive as you can be and just assert yourself to both doctor and nurses because after all its you who keeps them in a job and the public pay their wages.


Hi Cheers Is difficult BUT is lies doctors come out with.

And thats one of my pet hates being lied to.

Esp when you have organizations take the mick out of you threw gp lack of information.

I was reading leg swelling could be medical emergency YET my doctor have done nout to see what cause is given lung condition.

Is so easy to let things get to you and do try so much not to let em

BUT shoddy treatment is not going to be my down fall.


Well change doctor, or make a complaint to you health trust's Medical Director as well as go to your MP. It took me 17 years to get my son diagnosed.....and even now I have battles all the time.

And yes a swollen leg could be an emergency, so get yourself to a & E with a packed lunch, ipod and book.

Good luck


Hi Its so easy to change doctors AND thats like a cop out for them MY philosophy is the best fix me :)

The might not like it but this loads we don't like thats tough.

So why they think the any different

If i leave the practice my complaints are dead in the water.

There neglect as made me what i am today WELL thats what i regularly tell them when the think being smart or horrable.


Well as a former nurse and PA to a medical director, this was my advice. Bet of luck and I will say no more

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Is shame this lot of bad GP's really BUT do have good lung doctor.

Am lucky some care as this lots that don't


Thanks Graham,

I only bared my soul to try and say that continually being negative harms you and in the end alienate you from the very people that can help.

Thanks for the support.



Hi cheers am thinking some things are not worth knowing BUT dose not mean athourites should take mick really.

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