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Loss of appetite

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Thank you all very much for such a warm welcome. My current problem is my mums lack of appetite, as she eats so little I am trying to make every mouthful count with homemade soup with lots of cream and butter, gold top milk in everything and just very small easy to chew meals. If anyone has any other suggestions to make I woulD be really grateful xx

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Check out.


They do various meals mini meals easy to eat high protein.

Processed foods and diary products don't do well with COPD, especially if there is a increase in mucus.

You GP can prescribe energy drinks. Speak to your GP a referral to a dietitian may be in order.

It's also better to have several small meals than a number of large.

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Toci in reply to stone-UK

Brilliant advice here stone. :)

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Nottobad in reply to stone-UK

I always eat small and often. Eating mainly fruit and vegetable as I have to build up my vit d level as it is low I got tablets from my GP but she said to eat healthily too I try to stay away from prossessed foods. And eat plenty of cheese and thing made from milk

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Mumshelper in reply to stone-UK

Thank you stone-uk, the GP has prescribed energy drinks but they taste disgusting and the calorific value is insignificant. I will bear the dairy products and mucus problem in mind. Aren't Wiltshire farm foods processed? I am quite happy to cook her nurishing meals from scratch it's just getting her to be interested in food again, she was a wonderful cooked and produced some lovely meals for herself until recently x

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Ask to see a dietician they can advise you so much better. Let us know how you get on.xx

A little and often is the way to go, Try making your soup like a stew crossed with a soup, dicing up the veg into small cubes first. Don't forget her fruit. But you sound like your doing a good job looking after her, don't be afraid to ask for help from her GP or the good folk on here.

If I wasn't eating well then butter, cream and gold top would be the last thing I'd want. My appetite is much less than it was a couple of years ago and it's often hard to eat a reasonable amount of lunch. Things she likes would be best, porridge, soup without the eatras, scrambled eggs, that's the sort of thing I'd like. Plus treats,don't forget treats!

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Mumshelper in reply to Inamoment

Butter, cream and gold top milk were always on the top of her shopping list and, unfortunately, she can't think of anything she wants to eat now. I will get her lots of treats but the only fruit I can get her to eat is three small segments of orange x

I think petermeachem is right. Sounds too rich to begin with, but add small amounts later. Small meals more frequently. Soft food that slips down easily, like the porridge and scrambled eggs. Fish pie. Mashed potatoe.

It is difficult because you can ask someone who's not well what they want and they've changed their mind by the time you've got it. Don't worry too much to begin with about nutrition but lots of treats. Good luck.

I had the same problem with my mom. If she is hungry for anything, always keep it on hand (my mom loved yogurt, so I always made sure she had some on hand).

Also, here in the states, there are bottled drinks made for seniors. Insure, Gluserna (for diebetics). Plus there are good protein bars as well.

Most seniors don't have a big appetite, so as stated, small meals thru out the day.


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Mumshelper in reply to Beth1949

Thank you Beth, I didn't think of protein bars, I will certainly get some x

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Beth1949 in reply to Mumshelper

You are welcome. My son-in-law is a health nut and exercises a lot eats protein bars. Also, my daughter makes them as well. There are recipes on the internet. You can change the recipe to suit your mom's taste.


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