Paramedics worth their weight in gold

What a day! Couldn't go to work because I blacked out during a mammoth coughing fit which then involved an ambulance and two wonderful paramedics. I was worried because as well as this condition, I have a history of mini strokes and I really don't want another. Anyway, paramedics got me sorted and I live to fight another day.

On another point, some of you have mentioned a rescue pack. What is it because I think I should ask my GP for one?

Hope everyone is enjoying their evening


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  • Hi

    Rescue pack is usually one pack of antibiotics and one pack of steroids 28 pills. Prednisone.

    Plus a management plan. Explaining when to take.

  • Thanks very much. As I've said before, I've learned so much more about this condition on this website than from my GP. I'm really grateful

  • That sounds scary Susie but glad you are ok now.

    Stone has already described the rescue pack so get on to your GP. Good luck to you. Xxxx

  • Started on antibiotics and steroids and back to doctor on Tuesday. Lots to say to her this time.

    Feeling a bit better this evening although still very tight chest and dry cough.

  • They never get the credit they deserve, bless them all😊 xxx

  • Some GPs are weirdly resistant to giving prescriptions for a rescue pack Susie. The thing to point out to your doctor is that their main use is when you become ill out of surgery hours or for another reason can't see your doctor.

    As Stone says, you should have a care plan which will explain when to start them

  • I will bear that in mind, thanks. I am asking for a referral to a specialist too, also the respiratory nurse who is very good but only available once a month apparently.

  • Paramedics saved my life last year. All credit to them.

  • Our NHS is our crowning glory & it's medical staff are the glittering precious jewels. I hope this government doesn't damage it further by their vicious cuts. If we look after it, then it can look after us. Health isn't just about pharmaceuticals & while they are sometimes necessary, we all need to take care with other aspects of our health which can reduce the need where possible.

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