Definitely not Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons

Well that's another working week over.

A comment "Quite a story-teller!!" was made to a recent post of mine ( not naming names :) ), it came to mind as I was reading through my "Skipper's Log" (diary) from 2006. This is was from when, as a family, we learned to sail in muddy ditches on the Norfolk Broads. Twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my PET Scan results is driving me nuts, so, would you like me to write our holiday story? It WILL be long and covers a two week holiday. It will be a "one off". I will not be trying to fill Vashti's boots or imitate her style of writing, I don't think anyone could.

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  • Why not 2greys, very interested to read of your holiday adventures. Xxx

  • Hi

    I stake my claim for the film rights.

  • Typing up Day One now, a couple of hrs depending on how often I have to edit it to correct mistakes.

  • Will it be a serial, with a cliff hanger at the end of each episode?

  • Not many cliffs in Norfolk. But I think you know that:)

  • Love to hear your holiday story!

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