Walkers and Rollators

Big thanks to all who replied to my post last week on the subject of walkers.

I purchased one a few days ago I am really happy with what I have bought it's lightweight and collapses easy for the car has a little seat if needed. Hubby has been doing the shopping the past few weeks as I really hadn't been up to it plus the weather hasn't been great. I have just done a monster shop in Morrisons and Aldi didn't know if I would have the energy for the two but it worked really well found the walker very user friendly. We were out for about three hours so did a fair bit of walking ok wasn't going any great speeds but feel the exercise will work for me. Pooped out now but don't feel guilty about sitting on my bum for a couple of hours. Thanks to all that encouraged me.

Still waiting on my refferal letter for the rehab classes but hopefully it comes soon.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend it's a wet one in Cheshire so not be many more outings if any this weekend. Keep Well

Pauline X

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  • Hi

    Glad you found your freedom.

    Use it as often as possible not just for shopping. It's a great exercise booster with the advantage of your own personal seat when you need to rest.

    Good luck with pulmonary rehablitation, which will enhance your freedom.

  • Thanks Stone

    Yes it has deffinately given me a little confidence I am sure I will be out more, I fancy some nice meals out then I don't have to cook all the food I just bought 😂 Did go abit mad but plenty in the freezer . X

  • I am pleased you are getting good use out of the walker. Its wet here too but a beautiful day yesterday. xxx

  • Yes think it's the sun yesterday that helped get me out the door today its a shame it didn't last long roll on summer . X

  • Which one did you get Pauline?

  • Hi Don

    It's called a Roma City Walker £74 there are walkers cheaper but I wanted one without the solid basket, less fuss putting it in the car just folds up nice and easy the seat is good and solid although I am lightweight wanted something stable. I am really happy with it. Have a good weekend

  • That looks just the job. I can see you'll be knocking up the miles with that alright.

  • Really pleased that you've got a new friend to help you get out and about! Don't worry - spring will come. Hope you've got your feet up now, Sue x

  • Yes you are right about the feet up Sue really tired me out, early night for me. Enjoy the weekend. X

  • Sorry I didn't see your first post. Glad you got the walker you wanted. I got one from the physio at the last PR I attended so it didn't cost me anything. I find it helpful too. It's good to get out when you can. Take care x

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