Birds of wisdom-14

Birds of wisdom-14

Hi all followers. Been away for a couple of days -anniversary. Had a night at Hotel Lake Vyrnwy. Fantastic views of the rain clouds sweeping in over the lake. What was spectacular was next day, the water level was high enough to cause amazing overspill over the dam wall.

More to follow on a very special place nearby called Pennant Melangell a place of healing and pilgrimage. They say it is one of those special places where the atmosphere is thin- meaning Heaven is very near. It feels it too. A place that reaches far back into antiquity.

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  • Sounds lovely, happy Anniversary x

  • Happy anniversary. :)

  • I am sure the BBC filmed at Pennant Melangell for a series on Sacred Places.

    Looking forward to your photo if you have one.

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

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