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It's just hit Forty two percent humidity...it's the first time I've been able to breath properly since the year ...dot!

I run a De-humidifier 24/7 and it automatically clicked off..so thinks I..this is going to be expensive as it never clicks off. I take the thing apart..well I took the top off and had a look, then put it back on again.

I then had an ingenious thought, switch it on to continuous...it clicked on!!

Well this is very unusual thinks I (again)

....so I just checked the humidity and it's 42%

Deep Breath and BREEEEAATTHHH...I'm very excited!!!

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42% !!!!!

Where do you live GG ?

I couldn't handle that at all and find too much heat far worse for my breathing, then too much cold.


billiejean2...I put your reply on Pams hahaha....told you I was getting all excited...


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Fantastic πŸ˜ƒ


Sorry........Couldn't cope with that! πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯


Zomerset...where the Cider apples fall off trees and onto your head ..I'm originally from upt' north though!!

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I'm from Yorkshire. I think several apples must have fallen on mine, lol. πŸ˜‚

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I had a full orchard chucked at me I'm sure, the number of times I had them thrown at me by the chap who owned the orchard near us...Scrumping, I was always getting caught hahaha.

I've been doing my Family Tree for the last 10 years and a branch of mine originated in Howden, they were brick manufacturers!

Beautiful countryside, that's one thing I miss being down here..the Green that Lancashire and Yorkshire is bathed in. Though it is a bit warmer ;-)


I'm sure it is. Lovely part of the country.

I live in sunny Doncaster (for my sins), but I love the Dales and North Yorkshire. The scenery takes some beating. But you're right, the weather could be better! Friendly bunch though. 😊😊😊


Oh, I think I've got the wrong end of the stick. I thought you meant the temperature and wondered if you were living in a desert :)


Ha ha! Great minds, lol.......or just ones that aren't 100%at the moment. πŸ˜‚

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At 42 degrees I don't think I could hold the stick Bj2 let alone get hold of the wrong end. Humidity is what I can't cope with, the more humid it is the worse my lungs are, warm humid summer days aren't for me..they're the days me and my bottle of O2 take a long drive in my car with the Air Con blasting out.

Heat oh yes I agree, can't cope with that at all..21.5 c and about 40-45% humidity is just right for me...just so long as the winds not from the East I'm fine.

All of this from a woman who used to sit on beaches and swim marathons..haha!



I don't know about the marathons but I've heard people here say they go swimming with 02. In swimming pools obviously, not the sea. Does sound very complicated though. But with portable 02 you could still be hitting that beach. Hitting it and sitting on it :


We have just a couple of million problems Bj2...Tourists!!! Who hit the beach soon as Easter arrives .

...they also nick all the parking spaces with their camper vans, and cause traffic jams..and ride their bikes in their Pelotons blocking the roads...and dump their rubbish....

Sorry Sorry..went off on one there!! hahaha

...I'll stick to dipping my toe in the bath...that's when I can get my leg over the bath to get my bum onto my bath chair... ;-)

Thanks for talking to me


Oh dear ! That must be hyper-frustrating. Aren't there any off the beaten path, little coves or bays that the natives would know about and the tourists not ?

Anyhow, I think you should do a bit better then dipping your toe in the bath. Do you have a grandchild with a paddling pool in the garden ? You could dip all your toes together in this. Maybe even jump in and traumatise your grandchild for life :)

And never rule out the garden hose. See, the possibilities are endless :)


How I would love to dive-bomb one of my 4 Grandchildren in their paddling pool..what fun would that be, traumatised would be good for me, as I could take them to A&E and sit for 12 hours being entertained by all the sport injuries and drunks??? ..

Only problem.. I can't jump 222 miles back to Lancashire...can't jump full stop..so who am I trying to kid ;-)

Plus Bj2...I haven't a garden..let alone a hose pipe :-(

Coves or Bays...used to be plenty... then the tourists found them all!!

..So bath it has to be :-( ...but thanks, I'll write them in the "Book of possible suggestions", and prop it up on the mantelpiece, right by the side of choughalot2's, empty Symbicort grumpy-award .

Take care and thanks for the suggestions, these made me very happy for a few seconds ;-) ..Which is better than being totally grumpy all day....so what more could a girl ask for?

Have a great Friday..or is it Saturday?...Could be Wednesday..

Oh have a great whatever-day-it-is!!



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