Hurting so much😢

Hi all...just a general enquiry really.

Has anybody heard of stress inflammation?

I am in constant pain,and joint swelling every single day,and night.if it's not my hands it's my knees,feet,bottoms of my feet also😢

Getting so fed up with it now.i googled my symptoms,and they mentioned stress.

Well,we have just sold the house we've lived in for 42 years,and are currently looking for rental accommodation.

The pain/swelling started with a vengeance at the same time as deciding to move.i did have swelling and pain prior to this,but certainly not every single day,and night.

Has anybody got any suggestions to help with this?

I exercise every day.

How about supplements like chondrotin?

Thanks all x


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16 Replies

  • You need doc to test hormones TSH espicaly if on steroids ... tel your doc to check ya cortisone

  • Thank you.

    I'm not on steroids....only when I get a flare up😊

  • Might be worth geting it checked as would be surprised what lack of cortisone can do.

  • Sorry, Fantasy I can't help' Are you still at Rehab? if so, have you told them? Might a visit to your GP be a good idea?

    Take care, and do some relaxation for the stressful stress. x

  • Yes,I am still at pr.

    May have a chat next week.

    Thank you watfordgirl x

  • You may find more informed advice here:

  • I think if doc as said stress inflammation the talking about a subclinical disease

  • I found that info out on google.

    Doc says it's osteoporosis...

  • Hi Doc needs to keep on top of your TSH like said BEFOUR it trashes your lungs.

    We all seen how doc's change DX with wind.

    Thats subclinical in action

  • I do believe that there is something known as Reactive Arthritis caused by stressful situations, but, you would still need to have a blood test to get a proper diagnosis.

    I began suffering swelling, sever joint pain and severe stiffness following my Dad's sudden major surgery and consequential death. The symptoms came on over a few weeks and started with waking up , unable to move, it was pure agony.

    At the time, it was diagnosed as RA , then, 7 years later, possible lupus and now finally is definitely called Undifferentiated Connected Tissue Disease.

    I also have fibromyalgia, which can cause the same symptoms and flares up when I'm under stress or overdoing things. Do you have anything like this? If you don't, then maybe you need to get a simple blood test, to measure the inflammation in your body just to be sure, because there are loads of different types of arthritic diseases that can only be diagnosis by a Rheumatologist so, I don't think you should try self medicating to resolve it.

    Moving home is in the top three most stressful life events and moving out after 43 years must have been fairly traumatic. I am going through something similar myself due to the constant Benefits assessments, putting me under pressure mentally and financially, so I know stress can cause painful condition but, they have to be diagnosed properly to get the right treatment. xx

  • I posted video on my last post from iplayer called ice man from dr case files and he talked about imminty inflamation and inportance of cortisone

  • Hi, I do think stress has an enormous tally on our systems. Moving house, especially when not in the best of health is one of the most stressful things we can do after bereavement.

    I'm a very strong person. I don't do fear and anxiety. I sold up in Autumn '14 (on my own), my lovely home of 20 years, put everything into storage & lived in South of France near my son until April '15. It took all those months - and more - relaxing in France to recover. Really I'm only just recovering now, two years later! We're all affected in different ways, emotionally, psychologically or physically - I'm convinced of this. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue a few months ago 😕. Since beginning a mild anti-depressant I've felt a lot better, more human & able to achieve more.

    I've also been renovating my new home for the last couple of years which is also a bit wearing.

    If your doc won't help do try to give yourself as much TLC as possible. Gentle massages, it's a start. Can you face going back to your GP to ask for some support?

  • Many thanks everybody.

    Too many good answers for me to reply personally to each.

    Yes,I shall go back to my gp.

    Hopefully it will get sorted one way or another.fingers crossed.x

  • Raynauds can also be bought on by stress, my youngest daughter ( she's 16 ) who is an agrophobic and suffers with severe anxiety and depression has just been diagnosed with it, her hands and feet swell, go bright red, burn, pins and needles and numbness, not sure where the knees come in though so might be way off with this advice 😳🙄 Can always mention it to ur gp. Xx sonia xx

  • Poor you! It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was stress-related. Leaving your family home of 42yrs must be a very hard thing to face, I'd be terribly upset in your shoes, even if looking forward to "pastures new". I once came out in an itchy rash all over my arms & legs, the night before an important exam. It was terrible, my fingers were so swollen I didn't think I'd be able to hold a pen. My husband dashed to the 24hour chemist for antihistamines, so I could sit the exam next day, and before I could get a gp appointment to check on it, the rash disappeared.

  • I have suffered with stress related arthritis, when I was younger. I had gold injections and Feldene. It went eventually. Now I have osteoarthritis. It plays up when the weather changes. Wet or hot weather make it worse.

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