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Hoodwinked in Prague?

70 yrs - What is going happen regarding the replacement of my front teeth when wanted implants & sedation due to excruciating pain from injection when gums inflamed & thin [ cellulitis?]My oxygen saturation levels when sedated fall below 85 . I will even contribute .

This has been ignored by NHS only using questionable tests not symptoms multiple to refuse assistance - diuretics ? Dental sedation & plan as designated by NHS Constitution ?

The dentist who does my implants ,is also an anaesthetist, but is unable to do as says with my oxygen saturation levels as such he is not allowed by law [ insurance company?] to do ? The NHS refuse to address the Telecare issues - not waking up?

So why are the Dental [ Centres of excellence?} ignoring the restorative pretending cosmetic .

Why will the anaesthetists not want the risk even in Prague .Could they being directed by the Insurance companies who know there is risk when NHS ignores/discriminates? pretending nothing wrong ?

Even though had an MI cardiac arrest 10 years ago revived with an angioplasty why am I being left in limbo since most dentists went private .

Why is automatic tag saying febile convulsion ? Does it know my late Mother & Father had same problems . The system says multi infant dementia which she had severly but wonder whether it could be vasculitistus [ central nervous system?] that can't get referrall or second opinion on? /?Even when I pay.

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Are you saying you are a UK resident but went to Prague for treatment? I do know the NHS will not pay for implants as they are considered to be cosmetic.The only option is crowns or dentures.


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