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3 years back i had cough and cold. Due to this there was irritation and tickling sound in my ears but its common during cold and cough.. with medicines i recovered cold and cough but the irritation in ears remained till date. Few days back i met an ENT surgeon. He said that there is moisture in your ears which is causing persistent cough. Is it possible?

And i am worried about lung cancer.Please help me

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Hi there. I would reckon your ENT consultant knows his stuff and it makes sense that since our ears ,nose and throats are all connected that its quite feasible you've been left with a cough. However in saying that, its always best to go back to him or your doctor and get it looked at again. Better to do it sooner rather than later as they say.

With regards to you worrying about lung cancer,that is also to be discussed with your doctor as nobody here is qualified to help you really. You could always ring the BLF free phone (details on the home page) and there are qualified nurses who could possibly advise you etc. Good luck and please keep in touch.


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