Bad chest for nearly 5 years

Hi. I have had a snotty nose and bad chest for nearly 5 years now and i am exhausted with it. I had a blood test and was told it was grass pollen in Dec! I am taking antihistamines and a nasal spray but they are not working. I am worried now and not sure what to do, i have literally been blowing my nose for nearly 5 years!

Can anyone advise please?


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  • I know about dust and mites but i spend all day out the house and it doesn't change

  • Go and see your GP again, and don't let them fob you off. Let us know how you get on. Take care 😊 xxx

  • Thanks pal x

  • Hi Dave please go and challenge your doctor to actually improve your day to day life. You clearly need to be referred to a specialist. Good luck to you. Xxxx

  • Thank you i will x

  • Welcome Dave. 'Grass pollen in Dec'!!!!! Treatment not working. Please go back to GP. Agree with others, after 5 years of problems it's time to be referred.


  • Maybe try a Neri pot to clean your sinuses

  • Have you tried salt therapy at The Salt Cave. There are 8 on the country, 1st session is free. Great for all chest problems and natural

  • Dave-Webb,

    Sounds like it's more than just pollen.

    Have you gone to an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist? I have heard that sinus infections are very hard to get rid of. Antibiotics will 'mask' it for awhile, but soon after, the infection flares up again. Post nasal drip can add to the lung issues as well.

    Take care, Beth

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