Urgently need portable oxygen concentrator

I'm coming over to the UK later this month and need to buy a portable continuous flow oxygen concentrator ... Philips Simply Go or DeVilbiss iGo.

I've looked on the Respiratory Equipment For Sale threads and replied to a couple, but just wondered whether anyone else knows of one for sale, or of any other websites to try.

Many thanks.


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  • Hi

    Any in the list may offer new, used, or reconditioned units there are reputable dealers.

    There is also the option to hire.


  • Thanks Stone, that's really helpful.


  • Did you see this post - only just above your's! healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

  • Haha! Thanks for pointing that out - blind as a bat!! I think though that the Inogen One models are all pulsed and not continuous flow, but I'll certainly check it out.


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