Hospital Review

I saw my excellent respiratory doctor yesterday and he was quite pleased with me. The QVAR is helping with the inflammation, most of the lung nodules are lymph nodes, just one slightly concerning one so I will have another scan in October, the collapsed part of my right lung has reinflated but I am to be assessed for ambulatory oxygen. He is adamant that I need to stop the dronedarone I take for AF as it is damaging my lungs further and will get on to the cardiologist again. I am going to have to have something done about the aortic stenosis but no decisions about that, until I get the appointment with the cardiologist. He is going to arrange a fit to fly assessment but doesn't think there should be a problem. He did tell me the bronchiectasis is severe and is probably what led to the obliterative bronchiolitis. One thing he did say was that if I had smoked we wouldn't be here having these conversations. Quite a thought. We came home for a brief rest and then had a lovely time helping my grandson make pancakes. Best bit of the day! I am absolutely shattered this morning and had to use my GTN spray, but nevertheless feeling much more confident.

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  • My goodness Carnival.....what a lot you have to put up with!

    Glad your pancake day ended well.

    Wishing you all the best. Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thank you. Pancake day with grandson was lovely. What can go wrong with 2 &3/4 grandson making pancakes with grandma. Daddy cooked them and they didn't stick to the ceiling. Great fun all round!

  • Hopentjimgs pick up for you Carnival and will always wish you well. Hope the pancakes were good.

    Take care xxxxx

  • Thank you, have lived with heart problems all my life, lung problems relatively new, but at least having two rare conditions gives the doctors some excitement!

  • Something for them to think about Carnival. Take care xxxxx

  • Certainly, just wish cardiologist would get on with it!

  • so pleased things went well for you. Take care😊 xxx

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