Infection ?

Bad couple of days with my chest and throat, coughing up a lot of green gunk (sorry about that info) don't know whether it is due to giving up smoking (3 weeks now :D ) or whether it is tied in with taking antibiotics for a severe ear infection, Had a very pleasant afternoon with my sister yesterday for my birthday, we wandered around Cardiff centre, she shopping, me following. Going to see doctor tomorrow just in case the antibiotics need to be extended

Take care and blessings

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  • Hi Doggie, happy birthday for yesterday. See what the doctor says tomorrow and feel better soon. Xxxxx

  • Happy birthday for yesterday, now go and see the doctor xx

  • Happy belated birthday wishes, glad you had a good day in Cardiff, best wishes for a speedy recovery from your infection x

  • Well done for giving up smoking - it'll prob be your lungs starting to clear, best to see Dr to be sure.

  • Belated birthday wishes. Hope your infection clears up soon.

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