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Good afternoon people.

I'm feeling awful today. Since early January when the weather was really cold I've been suffering. I do have COPD (lungs of an 80 plus year old apparently) and am a Type 2 Diabetic.

The cold weather in January seemed to go straight to my lungs and I haven't felt right since. I have pain in my ribs (both sides) and in my back also. A cough that is sometimes productive sometimes not so.

I pray for the warm weather lol.

Take care all


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Hello Dave.

I've been pretty much the same, darn weather's a pain. Wind blows from the east it brings all the pollution from 'over-there' ..and we know the result don't we?.Darth Vader impressions. Blows from the west and not only are we Darth Vader, we have so many layers on we look like the stay puffed man from Ghostbusters ..!! ;-).

Like you it's the pain on both sides of the ribs that gets me, goes from my spine, under my arms and then sort of 'cascades' down my ribs every time I breath...

Just hang on in there my friend...Summer's on the way..which is good news, but not for me

..Aaatishoo..yes I suffer from terrible allergies.

Never mind Hey I can't stop from smelling the flowers ;-)

..such is life

Keep smiling my friend.


I know exactly how you feel,I cant wait for the warm weather xxx


Hi Solitary man, I can't comment on the pain you have but, the cold has really got to me too this year. It definitely didn't bother me like this in 2010, when we had that really bad winter.

All you can do is wrap up warm and have plenty of hot drinks.

There are so many bugs going around this year, I don't know how I've managed not to catch one.

Roll on Spring xx


Bless you, I'm the same I really struggle in winter but hey! the bulbs are coming through so spring will be here soon, take care xx


Hello again.

Feeling rough again. Just feel so "clogged" up, sinuses chest everything. Very tired too.

Starting to get me down to be honest


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