Copd & hiatis hernia

Been haveing trouble swallowing n diarreah went see doctor sent me for camera down which was a horrible experience next time getting injection anyway found out i had imflamation of the bowl n gullit & a tear in stomach went back to see doctor n he said it was threw coughing i got hiatis hernia slideing...anybody know if these hernia things go away

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  • No unfortunately they don't go away. Surgery used to be done to tighten them but that's less usual these days. Sorry you've got all this - I don't know what treatment is for a tear in the stomach, that doesnt sound nice at all. Sounds like you need to be talking to your GP about can be done to help you.

  • Didn't you have sedation for the procedure, lenney? I think most hiatus hernias are "sliding". As far as I know it won't go away, but symptoms like reflux & heartburn are treatable with medication. Proton pump inhibitors like lansoprazole are effective, and would help with the bowel inflammation too. How is Leonie?

  • Didnt have sedation a will next time. Doctors put me on lansoprazole but a keep bringing me food back up doctors ringing me today. Leonies beautiful she like a ray of sunshine to us & everything is ok thank you for asking ;)

  • I always say knock me out and they can do what they like These procedures are not pleasant but necessary I suppose Good luck X

  • Hi

    Bedtime reading for you.

  • Thank you ill have a read ;)

  • No lenney they don't. I have a hiatus hernia (20 years or so) and uts managed with Lansoprazole 15mg. Started on 30mg but maintenance dose now. Xxxx

  • On 30mg at minute

  • Hi lenney007 I sorry to hear that you are having problems with a Hiatus Hernia. I have suffered with a Hiatus Hernia for over 40 years and unfortunately they don't get better but can be managed with care. I believe that they can sometimes be operated on but I have never been offered any sort of operation to fix it.

    Having an Endoscopy isn't very pleasant but worthwhile if they have found out what is wrong so that can be treated.

    I suffer from Reflux Acid due to the Hiatus Hernia but manage it quite well with medication, 20mg Omeprazole twice daily, 300 Ranitidine at bedtime and occasionally Gaviscon when required.

    I wish you better health.


  • Thank you for your reply john just have to put up with it by sounds what people are saying

  • Hiatus Hernia here too. Been taking Omeprazole for many years it is very often bought on with coughing and they tend to give medicine rather than surgery now.

    I Have had a couple of TOE and they are not the greatest of things to have but similar.

    Be Well

  • Thank you for your reply

  • Yep When I have them, I do without the sedation, so I can drive home rather than wait for a taxi or OH to have time off. Actually - it's still the same with sedation, but you just don't remember.

    Here's a kind-of-funny weird story: When they were investigating why I had such clogged up lungs they wanted to rule out GERD/Hiatus Hernia so sent me for a gastroscopy. After getting the camera down, when she pumped the air in to inflate my stomach, as it expanded it squeezed my left lung and shot out a load of thick green & brown mucous all over the table by my mouth.. it looked like a mock-up of the Crab Nebula* - when I was able to sit up, the boss nurse appeared OK but the two ancillary nurses were standing by the sinks, green round the gills and gagging with swollen cheeks in an attempt not to vomit while I was still there... lol!


  • When they pumped me stomach with air loada acid came up dont fancy the camera down again

  • Nasty nasty stuff isn't it. Better out than in I Sometimes want to say to my daughter. Look at this. Lolol. Up to now I'm very glad I haven't had to go thru endoscopy or colonoscopy. Touch wood. X

  • It sure is hope a dont have camera down again

  • Slightly different. I had a stricture at the top of my stomach which meant food got stuck. Deeply unpleasant. I had three endoscopys to stretch me out with a balloon. There was also damage to the sphincter too from, I suppose, a few years of reflux so I take a PPI now. It's all been fine for a year. I couldn't possibly have managed without full sedation, made it all painless.

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