Do GUY's Ware Stockings

Do GUY's Ware Stockings

Have thought about it and DX of form MACROCYTOSIS i would say SH#% sure the do.

Lucky i live in TIME where they make support compression stocking's soaks for guy's.

AS be bit mad 'ON TOP' if the looked like ladies stockings AND your at still at mess about age.

Have read up On em athletes where them to help performance and oxygen delivery AND thats why i though worth a share.

Then i was thinking about MACROCYTOSIS and runners joggers suffer trashed blood cells ' foot stamping' runners something.

Needless to say i hope they work but what happens if suffer high blood pressure.

Guess thats why allways best talking to your GP.

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  • Men wear tights too, farm workers for instance.

  • So do fishermen, standing in rivers, wader deep, my son does this.

  • Hi 2greys I see you just beat me to it !


  • Great minds think alike, well, so says the saying.

  • Hi Azura WHEN cold have had leggings on.

    Am not sure about tights tho but never thought i would have stockings on lol.

  • So do fishermen. Not sure if they're fishnet though 😂

  • Yes is the answer. Don't go getting a tutu though! Lol

    Our son has to wear support stockings for varicose veins and has had two leg ulcers.

    Take care JAS. Xxx

  • Hi Sassy think all give tutu a mis for sure.

    I cant believe how painful vains can be.

    Not something someone young should be suffering from.

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