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shortness of breath

I'm a slim 70 year old female, non smoker. I'm experiencing shortness of breathe with exercise, a tightness in my chest. I've had an ECG which was normal and a chest xray which was clear. Done a peak flow test which was normal for my height age etc, My symptoms aren't getting any better and I live on a hilly lifestyle block which is now proving challenging.

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Hello ranby. I am sorry to hear about your shortness of breath. It seems like you have had tests that suggest your lungs are healthy. So, I'm not really sure what to suggest other than to keep an eye on it and if you can, go for a second or even a third opinion. Have they also done any tests on your heart? That can also cause shortness of breath I believe.

Hoping you get to the bottom of it soon. Take care.

Cas xx🌷


I suffer simpler symptoms and 65. Now in to my 5th yr. Under brompton lung hosp and they are thinking acid related. They have me under monitoring checkups until l get worse and test results come up with an answer. Saying that only giving me painkillers to cope. Don't know ur health history but acid reflux over yrs can scar lungs. .....just a thought. Hope you get sorted soon.

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Ask your gp to rule out Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency its a simple cheap blood test. EARLY SYMPTOMS of this deficiency include breathlessness on exertion even though peak flow and spirometry appear normal. All the best.


Thanks for everyones helpful comments!


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