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Question about saturation recovery?

I'm newly diagnosed with copd just 6 weeks ago. I have my 1st appointment with my nurse on Monday I know she want's a couple of blood gases readings, I am currently on home oxygen until they can ascertain my copd's severity. I was told the damage from my lung's failing can take up to 12 weeks to repair themselves, and I may get rid of the oxygen 24/7 dependent on how much was damage and how much is the copd??

I've noticed that my saturation levels can drop as much as 10% some days if I remove my oxygen for a quick trip to the toilet, its literately a 2 min walk there and back but they have become a lot quicker to climb back up to my normal 94/95% literately 30 seconds or so when I'm seated again without the oxygen and as much as 97-98% with the oxygen. Is that what I need to be looking for rather than how low they can go??

I'm following everybody's advice eating well, staying of the cigarettes, taking regular exercise and trying not to stress about everything to much. I'm also on a 3 month waiting list for PR at my hospital.. I hope that all makes sense!

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Hi Tracy. Sorry, but I don't know about oxygen usage. I'm sure that someone will be along soon who can help you with your questions.

Wishing you well, and take care.



Hi Tracey how quickly they o2 saturation climbs back up is important, it sounds like it climbs back quickly when your not exerting yourself so this is good and without the o2 a saturation of 94 to 95 is fine.When your o2 drops below 90% saturation for a long time that's when you start to damage organs but with you still recovering with lung failure it's understandable that it will drop quickly without the o2 on exertion.Im no doctor just going on others experiences and what I've read.I wouldn't panic just wait to see what your nurse says on Monday I know it's so flippant to say don't panic as we all do it's normal but I'm sure your fine as long as your o2 is correcting itself quickly which it sounds like it is and an o2 sat Of 94/95 without oxygen is pretty good, I'm sure the sudden drop is probably just because your still healing.The pulmonary rehab will really help with your control over breathlessness and with coping with exacerbations.Hope this helps and hope you continue to heal and rest.Take care

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Hi Tracey, sorry can't tell you about your oxygen in not on it. But I know someone will be able to help you on here. Take care 😊 Bernadette XXX


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