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Hello, I'm new to this site. Last Monday I went to dr because I had a bad fever and what seemed to be the start of a bad chest infection. Didn't feel great at all. He said I had lung infection and gave me Doxycycline for a week. Got worse over the next two days and brought up phlegm after prolonged coughing bouts.Temp is down now for 3 or 4 days and I'm feeling a lot better though not much appetite. I still cough intermittently during day and I can hear my lungs sort of inflating. I'm so scared theres something really wrong.Is this normal and how long is the cough likely to last? Thank you in advance anyone who may help.

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  • Please try not to worry, I still have my cough from January, my nurse told me it would take time to get rid of it. Just drink plenty and eat healthy,with a little bit of exercise. Take care and please keep posting. 😊 Bernadette XXX

  • Thank you very much, Bernadette. I have been drinking loads but I still worry! Reassuring that it will take a while to subside. Maggie. XXX

  • try Vicks rubbed on your chest and honey and ginger.helped me.xx

  • Thank you for the tip.

  • Hi worrier. The most significant thing is, you're feeling better. If there was anything wrong, you wouldn't. You can have a cough for weeks after a chest infection, no worries there. It's caused by inflammation, which takes quite a while to settle. That feeling in your lungs could be "old" mucus shifting about. It will gradually re-absorb. Your appetite will return as you resume normal life, don't worry about that, the most important thing is to drink plenty. You'll soon be feeling your old self, don't worry :)

  • Hello again, Thank you for your help. One or two things which I still worry over... I don't have a temperature any more and it was only up for a couple of days anyway, but now that I am up and about, showering etc, I have this really clammy,horrible thing going on with my hands and feet.I definitely dont have a raised temperature as it is pretty constant at around 36.6 or 36.8 It soon settles and I have had this several times before when recovering from colds and flu etc. Just wondered if anyone knows what causes it. The other thing is that when i sit quietly I can 'hear' my chest inflating and deflating. There is no wheezing or crackling but just as if there are small strands of phlegm that are caught. I still cough but only pure white mucus. Sorry to be so graphic but find reassurance that these things are 'normal' when recovering.

  • Hello there.

    My last bad infection saw me coughing for literally weeks. 😒😰 If your fever has come down that is jolly good. Try not to fret too much. And get enough rest and good nutrition. If you are feeling better then I think you are on the mend. If however you start to feel again then make sure you see your doctor.

    Sending you happy thoughts. 🌞🌷🌞

    Cas xx 🌹

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